The 4 most ingenious and manipulable signs of the Zodiac

For them, there is no reason to doubt what others say, which is why they often allow themselves to be deceived. Find out which signs need to be very careful not to be manipulated.

Currently, people have become very suspicious. They keep wondering if other people have some hidden reason for acting the way they do. And the saddest thing is that sometimes we are right.

But there are also people who live without this continual distrust, because they are ingenuous enough to believe that we are all – deep down – good people. But, while they’re probably happier, they’re also more susceptible to manipulation. Discover in this list which are the most ingenious signs of the Zodiac.


They seem to be born to give and will always have something to give as they are very hardworking. This is why they are easy prey for manipulators, who will seek to take advantage of their great generosity and ingenuity. Although sometimes they can find themselves in very unpleasant situations, they will never stop showing solidarity with those in need, and always with a smile.


Because of their shyness, Capricorns have a hard time stepping out of their comfort zone. They are often not able to face others. This is the reason why they often choose to believe what others tell them, to avoid any discussion or argument and not having to go through an unpleasant situation that they would regret bitterly afterwards. The natives of this sign are also very supportive people, which is why they will always help those who ask them for help, without questioning their reasons.


This sign struggles a lot with the image he has of himself and he is very quickly hurt by the comments that others may make of him. This is the reason why he desires more than anything to obtain their approval and, sometimes, accepts situations which harm him and are the proof of his ingenuity. It is not uncommon to see manipulative people take advantage of a native of the sign of Virgo.


The problem with natives of this sign is that they are terribly indecisive. They carefully study all the facts before making a decision. That is why, if they have been deceived, they will seem extremely ingenuous because they will not react. Moreover, they find it very difficult to let go of their sentimental side. So they tend to forgive those who have used them – another reason to be at the top of this list.