The 4 Most Manipulative Zodiac Signs

Many people use emotional and even physical techniques to achieve their goals.

The ability to manipulate is one of the aspects of the personality of some people and, among all the elements that inspire us, one of those that has a lot of influence on us is our star sign. Here are the most manipulative signs in the entire Zodiac…

1. Gemini

Gemini is an expert in manipulating his peers, he knows exactly how to get what he wants. His communicative dexterity puts others to sleep, giving them a false sense of security that makes them think they can let their guard down. Revealing everything to a Gemini can be very risky because you’ll never be sure which version of themselves is in front of you. Given their highly changeable nature, they might suddenly decide, on a whim, to use your secrets as a springboard to get what they want.

2. Cancer

Cancer uses emotional manipulation, which is why their way of manipulating differs a bit from that of the other signs on this list.

As they are very sentimental people, they tend to become victims of their own emotions, passing from one state to another. So they need to be around people who are tolerant and understanding, but sometimes they tend to think everyone has those qualities. And while it’s possible that others will do everything they can, Cancerians might feel like they’re not getting enough attention and think that emotional manipulation is the only possible way to get it. .

3. Leo

People of this sign know clearly that they have an incomparable charisma and they abuse it. They know that for others it is very important to be on good terms with them. Leos believe that others are at their service and they manage to get them to do what they want. They think the only place worthy of them is the peak and they will do what they can to get there – even tricking those around them into believing that the benefits they get will trickle down to those around them.

4. Virgo

Virgos are the smartest manipulators of the Zodiac

You might think they’re a bit cold and aloof, but Virgos are very sensitive people who don’t express their emotions easily. They may not show it, but they may feel hurt and cornered by criticism, especially if it’s about something they blame themselves for. As one of the most intelligent signs of the Zodiac, Virgos know exactly how to manipulate those they want revenge on. Their perfectionist attitude extends to manipulation: they will plan a whole strategy step by step to put you in the worst possible position, without you seeing them coming.