The 6 Most Incompatible Zodiac Couples: Better Avoid Them!

Some people live in perfect harmony for years, while others spend their lives arguing. Why ?

Often it’s a question of upbringing and environment, but astrologers also suggest that the stars have a big impact on interpersonal relationships.

Several Zodiac signs are simply incompatible in common life and have difficulty communicating on a daily basis. Here are the six Zodiac couples whose relationship is at risk of failing:

1. Aries and Virgo

They are absolute opposite poles. But contrary to all the laws of physics, they do not attract.

Representatives of these signs quarrel a lot, and it is very difficult for them to get along. In fact, only the strongest love could make this union last.

2. Capricorn and Gemini

Capricorn is old school, while Gemini likes everything new and unconventional. They are totally different!

Calmness in the face of a whirlwind of emotions, caution against drunkenness and resilience in the face of gentleness are the typical clashes of Capricorn-Gemini couples.

3. Leo and Scorpion

Both of these signs have very strong personalities. So their relationship could turn into an eternal rivalry, unless one of the two gives in – but it’s quite unlikely because neither of them will change their posture.

A very characteristic aspect of the representatives of these two signs is that they do not tend to recognize their mistakes, which is why a break is almost inevitable between them.

4. Cancer and Aquarius

These two signs have a hard time getting along because they have totally different values.

Cancerians love family traditions: nothing is more sacred to them than a welcoming home, a tasty dinner and pleasant family conversation.

But Aquarians can’t sit still. They prefer outings with friends and festive events a thousand times over quiet weekends at home, because they love and are constantly looking for novelty.

And representatives of the sign of Cancer will not always accept that Aquarius tries to interfere in their lifestyle.

5. Taurus and Sagittarius

When two of the most stubborn Zodiac signs meet, they try to suppress each other. Everything then turns into a constant argument and their life together becomes impossible.

According to astrologers, this union is a real nightmare.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. So, you should not rush to break up with your partner after reading this article! Do whatever you can to make things work out and who knows, you might just be able to prove the stars wrong?

6. Libra and Pisces

Finding a common language is not easy for Libra and Pisces couples as they come from different planets.

Libras are ruled by logic and common sense, while Pisces always listen to their feelings.