The 7 most used drugs in the world

One of the most important problems worldwide is the consumption of drugs which not only harm the people who use them but also, in some cases, are responsible for the increase in crime, violence and insecurity. . No country is immune to this phenomenon. Today we are going to tell you about the 7 most used drugs in the world.

7. Amphetamines

Amphetamines, in all their forms, are widely used worldwide. They exist not only as illegal drugs but are also found in certain medications prescribed for diseases of the nervous system, such as attention deficit in children.

6. Cocaine

This drug, very addictive and very harmful, is the sixth most consumed drug in the world. Cocaine is also one of the drugs most involved in trafficking and therefore the most tainted by corruption, violence and insecurity.

5. MDMA ou Molly

Better known as Molly, MDMA is a synthetic version of ecstasy that has become very fashionable. Although it is mistakenly thought to be a “safe” drug, there are increasing reports of health problems associated with its use. It is also terribly addictive.

4. Caffeinated energy drinks

Energy drinks are legal but their consumption is quite controversial because, due to their high level of caffeine and other substances, they can cause health problems. Many people mix them with alcohol, which can have dangerous health effects, such as intoxication and, in some cases, death.

3. Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis sativa, better known as Marihuana, is mainly in the form of a smoking substance and has a fundamentally recreational use. But this drug also has positive effects on health and is considered a valid alternative for the treatment of several diseases.

2. Tobacco

It is a legal drug, which does not mean that it is not highly harmful or addictive. Tobacco, in its various forms, is the most widely used drug in the world and its negative effects affect both smokers and non-smokers.

1. Alcohol

Controversial drug, mainly because it is one of the most addictive legal substances. Despite this, it is one of the most accepted by society. However, drinking alcohol can be a real problem.