The 7 tips to make the most of Black Friday

online shopping black friday

The most special sales of the year are, without a doubt, those of Black Friday. Because it’s getting too close Christmas, and it is the ideal time to get all those gifts that you already have written down at the best possible price. But we can all make mistakes and not get the most out of this very special day, and that is why we wanted to go ahead to give you a hand.

From Topes de Gama we have made a compilation of those essential tips that can make you get the most out of Black Friday. Don’t miss them!

Get the most out of Black Friday with these tips!

This Black Friday has been known for more than fifty years, although it was spoken of as a day in which, coincidentally, people got sick to avoid going to work. All this in the context of the United States, of course, and the holiday of Thanksgiving. People “got sick” in order to build a bridge, and enjoy their families to the fullest.

online shopping black friday

Little by little, from there it derived in an ideal moment for get ahead of all those holiday shopping at much lower prices. And that’s just what it is now! If you want to buy and take advantage of the discounts, we are going to give you a few tips so you can get the most out of it.

1. What do you need? Make a list!

We start with the basics: make a list of everything you need. In this way, not only will you not forget anything, but also you will not buy things that you might not need. Make this list ahead of time, thinking carefully about what you want to renew and what not. This will also make the search very precise.

If you need something very specific, like an iPhone 13 Pro (which, by the way, It’s heavily discounted right now on Amazon.), go straight! Do not wander looking and searching, do not get lost in the catalogs of the websites.

2. Set an order of priorities

At the time you make the list, also check what your priorities are! Do you need yes or yes a new phone? Or maybe it is better to bet on renewing your appliances? Mark which offers you should look for first, so as not to be surprised later with products that perhaps you did not need so much.

In addition, this order will make you know what you should invest the money in. budget previously set. Although we will talk about that now!

3. Did you know what price these products had before?

Don’t be fooled by a “50% discount!” What real price did you have those items before? This is very, very important, because there are stores that inflate prices previously so that it appears that the discount is greater. But this is nothing more than a hoax that could make you believe that you are facing a bargain that, in reality, is little more than a lie.

4. Compare in different stores

If you already have exactly the item you want, and you know that the discount is good, the next part arrives: compare on different web pages.

shopping online friday

The ones that usually have the biggest discounts are PcComponents, Amazon, Worten, mediamarkt, fnac Y AliExpress. In all of them you will find real bargains, especially if you already know where to look.

5. Do not trust any address online

The black friday is an especially good time for those trying cheat to online shoppers, so be careful. Don’t push in any direction you see with juicy offers, and remember that no one gives away anything. It is important to be aware that a €1,000 mobile phone is not suddenly going to cost €300.

6. Set limits!

Along with the list that we have already mentioned, it is important that you put boundaries. Do you want to spend only X amount of money? In that case, always keep it in mind when making your initial list, and don’t get carried away by effusiveness and compulsive buying. Or you will end up regretting it!

7. Check our website for the best deals

And finally, we cannot stop recommending that you review our website. We will keep all the offers updated, and we will introduce all the products that we find into our offer window. Don’t miss a thing!