the best content now in 4K

Xiaomi media players in black color

Practically all of the televisions that reach the market, if not 100%, are already Smart TVs. Integrating Android TV into new generation televisions does not increase costs too much and is a great advantage for all users. However, many still have televisions at home without this system, but converting it is easier than ever with gadgets like the Xiaomi TV Stick 4K.

The price of this device is not exorbitant, and now it is on sale. It will allow you to enjoy all the advantages of a modern television simply by connecting that stick to the HDMI of your television. Let’s see what it consists of and at the great price at which it stays on the official Xiaomi website!

Xiaomi TV Stick 4K: the best possible quality for your television

The advantages of this small device is that they will allow you to enjoy the best streaming content and in high resolution 4K, if your television has that resolution. It offers you a fully multimedia experience, with a remote control included, to give your screen a second life.

Being equipped with Android TV in its latest version, you will have access to extensive catalogs of applications, series and movies. For example, you can download Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Disney+... And so a long list of the most useful applications. In fact, the catalog has more than 7,000 applications thanks to Google Play, exactly the same as on your Android phone.

Xiaomi media players in black color

Enjoy the ultimate viewing experience with DolbyVision. The native output is 4K, but it is capable of supporting all kinds of resolutions. That, accompanied by Dolby Vision, will help you enjoy video quality to another level. An intense and immersive experience at the same time.

And surround is also the sound. For enjoy the latest movie, or music, gaming, series… With the certification of Dolby Atmos and DTS HD you can enjoy the greatest richness and realism of each musical note and surround sound, although of course, everything will depend on your television and the type of speakers it has.

One of the best benefits of this device is that it has Google Assistant integrated into the remote. You only have to press a button and ask for everything you want. Navigate through the menus with your voice, change songs, search for a series… You can even control all the smart devices in your home. It also adds the convenience of voice recognition to non-smart TVs.

It will be yours for much less than you think

Furthermore, it is ultra powerful, with a quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and 8GB of ROM. Converting your new television is much cheaper than you think with these sticks: if this Xiaomi TV Stick 4K usually has a price of 69.99 euros… Now it can be yours for only 49.99 euros on the Xiaomi website!

A price worth paying for the best content in 4K and thousands of applications. We leave you its link: