The best phones of the year

adslzone awards 2022

But not only telephony brands have won awards, as we will see later there have been many others who have achieved recognition. This event was attended by the highest representatives, including the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias.

Smartphones that have marked 2022

It is up to us to present the prizes to top phones of the year, those of which we have spoken at length and at length on their own merits. As you will be able to verify, they are terminals that have already shown us their great potential in the analyzes and therefore, they take the prize that corresponds to them.

Now that the ranges of smartphones continue to multiply, that devices can do more and more things for us and that nowadays we all carry a mobile in our pocket, these prizes can serve as a choice and recommendation for your next purchases. During the next few weeks there will be great discounts, because Black Friday awaits us, a moment that will undoubtedly be a good opportunity to get the phones that we are going to highlight below.

adslzone awards 2022

In addition, it has been awarded the ADSLZone community award, of which Xiaomi has been the winner. The company of smartphones, smart watches, gadgets and more and more devices has become the reference for almost all technological products this year and that has earned it, along with its good work, to win this award.

The winner in photography

One of the brands that has stepped on the strong foot this year has been Honor, who takes home the photographic award. The Honor 70 has shown that, on a limited budget, you can take very good photographs and make the same happen on video. The triple camera behind it, led by 54 Mpx, makes a difference and we find the same thing when we take a selfie.

Honor 70 review cameras

Best Dealer of 2022

Another award that has to do with smartphones is the one attributed to their distribution in Spain. In this case, IngramMicro wins the award, knowing how to overcome the difficulties of the market to bring technology to all corners.

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best design

In addition to the importance that we give to the phones to the cameras or to the operation, we must take into account the external work, the one that we clap with our hands. On this occasion Oppo has proven to be the reference, that’s why the winner of 2022 in this case is the Oppo Reno8. The phone has a unique appeal thanks to being manufactured in a single piece, which added to a streamlined design that weighs only 179 grams and its striking colors, creates a phenomenal package.

OPPO Reno8 5G

A folding par excellence

How could it be otherwise, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is the foldable that has received the most applause since its presentation and the one that has left the best taste in the mouth. The years of evolution have allowed Samsung to have in its possession the most important folding smartphone, getting us to carry in our pocket a compact terminal, fast and at the same time with one of the best screens that exist.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

Innovation by flag

We cannot forget the mobile that has innovated the most this year, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 along with its addition, the S Pen Pro. This phone has the advantage of practically becoming a tablet, being able to go comfortably on the train, bus or even while sitting in a bar, with a large screen to work, read or watch our Favorite TV show. This generation of Samsung, has a new gear that allows greater smoothness and resistance. Without forgetting that it has an invisible front camera, so the entire interior panel is ready to enjoy it.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

The best premium range mobile

The Xiaomi firm has managed to stand out in software and hardware, achieving an enviable combination in the Xiaomi 12 Pro. This is the terminal par excellence in the high range and without a doubt the one that many want. Its very good AMOLED screen, the speed of its processor, together with the good optimization of MIUI and the fabulous cameras, make this the round smartphone. We cannot overlook another aspect in which it is unrivaled, fast charging, where its 120 W of power is envy.

xiaomi 12 pro

The star mobile for quality and price

It only recently arrived on the market, and yet the bit m5 It has already been able to earn the title of best value for money smartphone. A phone that perfectly defines what the vast majority are looking for, good features for little money. Above all, it boasts a lot of battery and good photos, ideal for not worrying about having a plug nearby and having quality memories in the gallery to share on social networks.


Mobile Security: the best protection above all

The security of smartphones is increasingly important because of everything we keep inside. For that reason, samsung-knox takes this award, given the peace of mind it offers to all those who enjoy this on their smartphones. An element that has become essential because of how much it cares and because of the infinity of additions it provides, allowing you to put a password on the most private apps or even hide them.

samsung knox

The smart watch of the year 2022

In the same way that everyone has a smartphone, there are many who also carry a smartwatch, the accessory par excellence. This has ceased to be an assistant to send us notifications and has become our ally to control health, which leads us to reward the most complete of the year. In this case the winner is the HUAWEI WATCH GT Racera device that fits on any wrist for everything it has.


From professional training programs, to a very precise GPS positioning system, all without carrying a big watch on your back, so that we can use it when exercising or the rest of the day. It even has a personal trainer that motivates us to improve ourselves, without overlooking one of the best functions, an AI that compares our rhythms, so that we can compete with ourselves.

Other gala awards

In the event not only smartphones have been awarded, the ADSLZone awards also have their space to congratulate for a job well done in other areas related to telecommunications and technology in Spain. These have been the institutions that have demonstrated their good know-how and the reasons that serve them to receive recognition.

  • Best Artificial Intelligence Initiative 2022: award given to the CAM Clúster de Leganés, a technological hub of the Community of Madrid, a leader in Artificial Intelligence.
  • Best Innovative Initiative 2022: in this case Madrid Innovation Lab is the center of reference, for the development of Madrid as a capital focused on innovation and technology.
  • Best Social Media Strategy: The Ministry of Health deserves the award, for its exemplary management of social networks throughout the pandemic and its good work in providing reliable information, always with health and safety in mind.

If you also want to know the rest of the prizes that have been awarded at the gala, such as those that correspond to the best operator, we invite you to see the results on the website ADSL Zone. You should do the same to discover the winners in terms of WiFi solutions and networks on the page of RedesZone or in hard zone to stay up to date on laptops and computer elements that have made a difference.