The changes of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra that you have not been told

The changes of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra that you have not been told

As expected, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra It will follow the design philosophy of its smaller brothers, the main differences being that they will have straighter frames and that the camera package will be different, somewhat smaller.

Starting with the most interesting that the leaked images leave us, some of their design changes include two slightly larger camera sensors than those of last year, thinner bezels and a slightly straighter chassis than what the brand has accustomed us to.

The changes of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra that you

At first glance, we can’t deny that it looks like a Galaxy S22 Ultra with a fresh coat of paint. A user who is not used to delving into the details will take a long time to find the differences between the two phones, but for that you are on a page specialized in mobile telephony.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the Galaxy S23 Ultra will have a less pronounced curve than in last year’s model, something that the main leakster specialized in the brand had already influenced for weeks. The other change that we can see in the phone is larger and better integrated camera modules in the case, at least two of them.

galaxy s23 ultra

Instead of protruding from the body, they are designed to sit flush with the rear case. However, the three remaining sensors still protrude from the body of the mobile, which will continue to cause the phone to not be completely stable when resting it + on a flat surface.

Ice Universe It is one of these leaksters that we are talking about and it has been one of those in charge of stating that, regarding the front, the smartphone would have the smallest bottom margin ever seen on a Samsung device and that all four bevels are the same width. We don’t expect too many more changes to the design, either, where we’ll be back with a USB-C port, a speaker grill, and an S-Pen hole at the bottom. H

Other changes from the S23 Ultra

Until now, little or nothing is known about the features that we will see in the smartphone and that will represent an advance with respect to what we all already know. It is said that, following in the footsteps of Motorola and Xiaomi, the phone will have a sensor of 200 MP main cameraa new ultrasonic fingerprint sensor from Qualcomm and the processor Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. This is one of the great novelties of the device, which would definitively abandon the Exynos chipsets to be on par with other Android manufacturers.

The screen would remain in size, but it would grow in refresh rate, being able to reach 144Hz frequency adaptive to content What are we watching. An increase in battery capacity would be ideal, but if it occurs it seems that we would only talk about a few tens of maH, nothing exaggerated.