The latest Movistar novelty offers greater customer savings

quarter results Movistar 2022

Now, if you are a Movistar customer Not only do you have the option of selling your old mobile on one of the many second-hand websites, but you may be interested in knowing how the telephone company has expanded its Buyback program, adding different novelties.

More devices for Buyback

One of the great novelties that come to this Movistar program is that, from now on, they will not only accept smartphones, but we will also be able to deliver another series of devices so that we can save some money on the next phone or device that we go to. to buy. Thus, now included tablets, Smart TV, computers, consoles or any device that is within the operator’s catalog.

With this, what the telephone company seeks is to continue promoting «environmental care actions by removing old equipment from the market and managing its proper recycling«. It must be remembered that this Movistar program follows the line established by Telefónica’s Circular Economy Plan, which has the objective of achieving zero waste by 2030 thanks to “repair, reuse and recycling«.

quarter results Movistar 2022

More news from your program

As you already know, this program achieves that, by delivering a valuable device that is not used, we can receive a refund in return as a bonus or reduction in the price of the new devices that we are going to acquire with Movistar. All through your Buyback program.

Well, not only have the devices that can be delivered to save a little more money been expanded, but the ways that exist for users to receive reimbursement have also been expanded. Not only will the redeemable voucher be available in the store or the deposit by transfer, but the discount of the amount that is obtained in the delivered device will be added for the new device that is going to be purchased. This discount will be applied to the installments of the new device on a monthly basis, so we will see the reduction reflected in the Movistar invoices.

Buyback Movistar

And that’s not all, since new device promotions are also incorporated into the Buyback program, including those acquired through lease, cumulative by adding to the repurchase value of the device that we finally deliver to Movistar. In these new promotions we can find discounts between 50 euros and 150 euroswhich will be associated with a wide variety of smartphones.

Therefore, as a summary, the operator’s customers will have three ways to receive the money they obtain from the device they deliver and, not only that, but they will also be able to have new discounts that can reach 150 euros if they buy or rent new ones. devices. In addition, from its website you can follow at all times the buyback status to know all the information about it.