The Leganés cluster, the best AI initiative in the ADSLZone 2022 Awards

ADSLZone Awards Gala 2022

artificial intelligence it is forming part of our lives and is present in the devices that surround us, in the technology that we use every day. In times when AI is essential, ADSLZone Awards 2022 have awarded the award toBest Artificial Intelligence Initiative 2022” to the Community of Madrid for the project of Leganes cluster that seeks to promote its use, bet on it through projects, innovations and research.

The Community of Madrid chose, in the month of May 2022, the municipality of Leganés as a regional strategic point for Artificial Intelligence. A strategic point for the development and application of AI. A cluster or group of digitization companies that intends, according to the Community of Madrid itself, to become an enclave for economic development.

encourage and teach

A total of 20 companies and organizations form this space in which will be committed to innovation and that has been considered as the most innovative project or initiative of 2022 in terms of Artificial Intelligence of the year. The role of these twenty companies and organizations is to perform analysis, AI projects, conducting studies or conducting research. In addition, it will also try to promote the implementation and use of AI on a day-to-day basis, as well as try to promote automation in business processes.

Leganes Cluster

Another of the fundamental missions of the Leganés cluster will be to promote the use and knowledge of AI by all. Take full advantage, as a society, of the advantages and uses of Artificial Intelligence. To achieve this, this cluster carries out and has carried out all kinds of outreach campaigns that help promote this innovation and technology among administrations, companies and other social agents. In addition, participation in congresses, conferences and seminars and taking courses to promote its use is key.

Organizations and institutions of the cluster

In this Leganés Cluster we find a total of 20 organizations and institutions from all fields and of all kinds. Universities and schools, companies and telephone operators…

In total, the twenty organizations and institutions involved are CEIM, Delonia Software, Ernst & Young, Fundación madri+d, Funditec, HITACHI and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Also participating are IESE, INDESIA, INETUM, IMDEA Software, IMDEA Networks, J&A Garrigues, Madrid Digital, S2, ManpowerGroup, MAPFRE, Carlos III University, Vodafone and Wealize.

A hub for AI growth

During the presentation of the Leganés cluster, in May 2022, the Minister of Local Administration and Digitization, Carlos Izquierdo, explained the importance of a project like this and the commitment to AI. “The idea is that these concepts that are widely used throughout the world are easy to understand and use in all areas of our day-to-day life and find in Madrid and, specifically in Leganés, a center in line with the growth that is taking place. experimenting with technology”, explained Izquierdo.

A fundamental technology that is already in our day to day and that must be promoted through such initiatives. “AI plays a fundamental role in the beginning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in which it has changed our way of living, working and the way we relate to each other, and whose advantages will be key in this new era”, added the counselor .

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The AdslZone Group awards the prize for the Best Artificial Intelligence Initiative of 2022 @madrimasd for its Leganes Cluster CAM Congratulations!! Pick up the @carlosizqtorres award.
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