The Leo tree in Celtic culture

Zodiac leaders also have their trees within the druid horoscope. This gives us greater knowledge about the types of lions that exist in the jungle, being able to characterize them by identifying their main attributes. Every Leo is dashing, brave, protective and flashy, but these three are just some of their characteristics, which are oriented towards the ego of this sign.

But each one stands out more in some attributes than in others since, for example, some may be physically stronger, denoting great condition and build, but others develop more mental and emotional strength. Some are more sociable than others and thus we can learn more about this enigmatic sign of fire. Here we present the trees that represent the people of this fire sign in the horoscopes of this ancient culture: the Celts.

The trees of Leo: Cypress, Poplar and Cedar

There are three trees that characterize the lion of the horoscope and the first is the Cypress, arranged for Leos who were born between July 26 and August 4. They are strong mentally and physically, as well as flexible to adapt to different situations. His thoughts are always optimistic, always thinking of the search for a better future. Just like them is the Cypress, an upright and elongated tree, straight and that extends all its branches towards the sky, reaching great heights. Then we have those represented by the Alamo, who were born between August 5 and 13 of the same month. The Alamo is a tree similar to the Cypress, because its leaves extend towards the sky in a very willful way.

They are brave, demanding but somewhat insecure and hermits. They are also the most artistic lions there are. This is a slightly softer version of the Leo. Last but not least, we have the friends represented by the majestic Cedar. This tree is solid and broad, managing to cover large expanses of land by stretching all its roots that expand outward in various directions. Precisely so are those born between August 14 and 23. The most striking and the most protective, they use all their qualities to project themselves. Workers, optimists, leaders and optimists radiate sympathy everywhere they go.

Spiritual importance of the Cedar

The Cedar is a magical tree within many civilizations such as the Celtic and the Nordic. The cedars that remain intact in the Himalayas are famous. The truth is that this variety of tree can occur in almost any ecosystem and anywhere in the world. Since ancient times, this tree has been believed to have healing, protective, and prosperity-promoting powers. The American Indians burned it between rocks and water, which they put in towels to cure the sick who suffered from headaches and the flu. The Wiccans also had it in a very important part of their magical practices.