The most “evil” and “cruel” women in love in the Zodiac

According to experts, some signs tend to be more affectionate, while others are more emotionally distant. And some may even be considered cruel.

In this article, we’ll show you who these women are and what their reasons are for being so harsh and demanding with their partner.

Their demands on their life mates are so high and specific that it’s quite common for their relationships to end, mainly because their supposed prince charmings never manage to meet their expectations.

If you want to know if you are one of them, keep reading.

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She is one of the most rigid women of the Zodiac. It cannot be conquered with a large bouquet of roses, nor even with thousands of chocolates. It will be based only on acts that reveal your personality, not on physical attentions.

What is she basing her opinion on? Mainly on the way you behave with her and with others, on the type of conversation you prefer, your hobbies…

She is a woman who pays special attention to the analytical capacity of the other person and if this does not satisfy her, she will say goodbye to him in the coldest way possible, without his heart being affected.


The natives of this sign are demanding, mentally mature and they know exactly what they want. They do not like superficial relationships and are constantly looking for people who will allow them to grow internally.

Before focusing on a man’s physique, Libra analyzes his behavior to determine if he is suitable for a more intimate relationship.

This is why Libras are considered the heartbreakers of the Zodiac, as they do not allow those who do not meet minimum requirements to approach them.


Women born under the sign of Taurus are among the most “special” of the Zodiac at the sentimental level. It is difficult for them to have a romantic relationship because they have a personality that few manage to manage.

They are very independent people and often the men they meet do not value this characteristic because, instead of considering it as a quality, they see it as a defect.

But the Taurine does not allow herself to be influenced by the feelings and thoughts of others, she focuses on her own person. She is a very intelligent woman who clearly knows what she wants to do with her life. She may break your heart, but you’ll never get her out of her way.


Pisces are very honest in their romantic relationships. These women can be sweet and friendly but they are not easy to win over. If you want to have a romantic relationship with a Pisces, you must learn to say things straight because they like people who are direct and frank.

The Pisces woman is very intuitive and that’s why she knows exactly when she’s being lied to. In this case, she will share her impression with you or ask you directly for explanations.

She is never silent and if something bothers her, she won’t hesitate to tell you, even if it hurts you.