The most original spheres for your Xiaomi Smart Band 7

Mi Band 7 Watch Faces

In case you did not know, the Xiaomi smartband interface is not unique or fixed, since you can modify it through multiple alternatives. However, it must be taken into account that can consume more battery of the account in the event that they use colors for the entire screen, that is, that there is hardly any black color. This is because it uses an AMOLED screen and black is rendered pure by turning off the corresponding pixels, so pay attention to this quality.

The best spheres for your Xiaomi Smart Band 7

The Xiaomi Smart Band 7 and the previous generations of the bracelet have a practically endless catalog of spheres. Precisely for this reason, it is quite likely that you will feel overwhelmed by so many options, so we have compiled the best ones for your device. We all want our wearable to be characteristic and in the Mi Band 7 Watch Faces application you can find these and many more spheres.

Mi Band 7 Watch Faces
Mi Band 7 Watch Faces

Your Xiaomi Smart band 7 in pure Fallout style

The Fallout saga is one of the most famous in the video game sector and a main element of each game is the pip-boy. It is a clock where you can check all kinds of aspects about your status, inventory, map and much more.

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Fallout Dial

In your Xiaomi Smart Band 7 you can install a sphere that perfectly replicates the design of this device, including the famous character Vault Boy along with all kinds of information of interest beyond the time.

Play Flappy Bird on your bracelet

Surely you remember that game that became so popular a few years ago and that consisted only of touching the screen of the phone so that a kind of flying fish slipped between the pipes. Now you can enjoy Flappy Bird on the bracelet from Xiaomi.

Flappy Bird Sphere

Of course, at the moment of truth maintains a common interface where you can see the battery, heart rate, date and time, among others. So to access the game you just have to touch the bottom part, where the data on the steps taken is.

Turn your Xiaomi Smart Band 7 into a Casio watch

Casio watches enjoy a great reputation due to their classic look and it is for this reason that today they continue to triumph among users. Thanks to a face of the Xiaomi Smart Band 7, you can turn your bracelet into one of these watches.

Casio Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Dial

The great asset of this option is that battery drain is less by not using the entire surface of the screen and by using dark colors. In addition, you do not lose the information originally displayed by the device, such as steps, pulses, time and time.

Mario Bros runs through your smartband

The Nintendo plumber is everywhere, also on your Xiaomi Smart Band 7. One of the most striking spheres that you can download for your replica bracelet with great detail one level from the old Super Mario games.

super mario sphere

While is true that does not show much data like other alternatives, since it only shows the time, steps, date, heart rate and nothing else. However, the animation is made with a lot of love and game lovers will surely be delighted.