The most outstanding offers of Black Friday of PcComponentes


It’s very, very lightand it has a Hero 25K sensor that will make the latency be reduced to a minimum. This sensor is precisely the key to its success, since it offers incredible accuracy. And unmatched speed!

It has a total of five buttons, connects via USB to your computer or via Bluetooth, whichever you prefer) and has a fully ergonomic design. Their sensitivity It is 256000 DPI, and you can customize it whenever you need it. Their price has dropped from €159 to just €94So it’s a real gem!

You need a new keyboard? In that case, we have just what you were looking for. is the model Razer BackWidow V3 Mini, which combines compact size with high-quality performance. It has switches yellow, allowing you to type accurately and concretely.


It’s 65% smaller in size, so it’s perfect for all those people who don’t have much space on their desk. Don’t worry, because has the arrow and navigation keysso you can use it to play all your games without problem.

is totally wirelessand has the famous RGB Chroma backlight from Razer. This is fully customizable, and you are going to enjoy it like never before. Their price It is usually almost €200, but now you will be able to get it for only €99.99.

Do you want the best headphones? We’ve got them!

We continue with another of the great essentials when it comes to play video games: good headphones. These are from Razerthe model Barracuda X, and they are some of the best you will be able to find at this price! And I tell you with full knowledge of the facts, since they are the ones I have on right now.


They are available in three colors different: white, black and a powerful pink. Are wireless, but it has Wireless USB C connectivity. Thanks to that, you can connect them to practically any device without compatibility problems. They weigh only 250 grams, and have cushions of memory foam that will surprise you with its comfort.

In addition, they have a cardioid microphone that you can extract whenever you need. It will capture your voice clearly, whether you’re gaming or performing. video calls. They are usually around €100, but right now they will be yours for less than €60.

A very top laptop and a high quality chair

We cannot fail to mention what we consider to be Crown jewel: a Gigabyte AERO laptop that is discounted to more than €1,000. It has an impressive screen 16 incheswith which you can not only play, but also to work. There will be no task that resists him, no matter how heavy it may be.


The most amazing thing about this laptop is that it has a powerful 12th generation Intel Core i7 processor. With it, you will be able to open all the applications you want in the background, enjoy hours and hours of work, and you will never notice that it slows down. In addition, it has a 16 GB RAM memory and a hard disk of 2TB SSD. If you need to store a lot of information without slowing down your computer, this is the best choice!

The screen itself is miniLED and it has 4K resolution. In addition, it has an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card, with which you will notice the fluidity from the first moment. We are certainly talking about a true top of the range. Their price It is usually around €3,000, but now it has suffered a fall and it can be yours for €1,799.

And finally, we have the gaming chair most comfortable you’ve ever tried. It is specifically designed so that you can spend hours looking at the screen without feeling back pain. Of course, it works beyond the gaming world. It is a great alternative for those work from home and even for those who are opposing.


It has been designed in Spain, and is an authentic titan. It is strong, it is big, it is resistant and it is very comfortable. And it receives the name of GAIA precisely because of mother earth, in a tribute to the video game god of war. Its backrest is completely reclinable and ergonomic, it has a very high density so that you never notice discomfort and it is adjustable. Even the armrests are! As if that were not enough, it also has a rocker seat.

Their price is, right now, €269. And it is an investment that your back will appreciate.

Go to the PcComponentes website and give yourself all the whims you want, because prices will go up after Black Friday!