The near-death experience Lisa and Taehyung had together

The near-death experience Lisa and Taehyung had together

Park Bo Gum, Lisa of BLACKPINK and V of bts they traveled together to Europe a few months ago organized by CELINE. The artists showed love on social networks and were together during the events carried out by the brand. But everything turned murky when on his way back to Korea, the plane had problems.

The same actor revealed it during the Youth MT program. The artist stated “the plane had trouble landing, we got a call“. This was recorded while she was on her way back from Paris fashion week. Lisa and Taehyung were also on the plane and indeed, the flight had been delayed but the cause had never been revealed.

During that time, fans were anxious after being informed that the flight had been delayed, although the news was never elaborated or the reason was never revealed. But now it is known that it was because the airplane had problems in the air due to excess wind and turbulence.

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This was a very strong experience for those who were inside the plane, and it could turn into a tragedy that is better not to mention. Luckily at the end of the day everything went well but the idols they became much more united due to the support they gave each other inside the plane.