The new big Windows 11 update has a date: prepare your PC

Windows 11 build 25151

Windows 11 is close to one year old. In the summer of 2021, Microsoft presented its new operating system, successor to Windows 10, full of changes, improvements and news, just as it was surrounded by controversy due to the change in its requirements. Together with him, Microsoft decided to change the development cycles of this system, going from two annual updates to just one, both in Windows 10 and in Windows 11. And, after a long wait, we already know when this update will arrive. first major Windows 11 update.

Insider users targeted in the Beta and Release Preview channels You may already have the RTM version of the new Windows 11 installed for several weeks. However, Microsoft has not yet made a statement about when it plans to release the new update to all users of its operating system.

Although we still do not have an official confirmation from Microsoft, everything indicates that this new update should arrive in September. Specifically, at the end of that month. In this way, users could have time to install it before the presentation of the next Microsoft Ignite, which will take place between October 12 and 14 and in which Microsoft will officially present all the news of its new update. In addition to talking about all the news of Windows 11, Microsoft will also talk about the tenth anniversary of Surface, and the news that has come to both Office and the Azure cloud.

As usual, the news of Windows 11 22H2 will not reach all users at the same time, but its launch will be, as in other times, in waves. The newer and more compatible we have our PC, the sooner we can install this new update. But, if we want, we can also install it manually by downloading the installer.

Windows 11 build 25151

In any case, Microsoft has not yet confirmed this date, so it could be subject to possible last-minute changes. We will have to wait, at the earliest, in early September to learn more about Microsoft’s plans regarding its new update.

Windows 11 continues to gain users

The takeoff of Windows 11 is being much slower than Microsoft expected. This is due to the good functioning of Windows 10, since not everyone meets the requirements (especially the TPM 2.0 chip) necessary to be able to install this OS. However, little by little Windows 11 is gaining market sharefinally surpassing Windows 7 and already surpassing 11% of the market share.

Edge is another of Microsoft’s products that has also grown quite a bit in the last year, doubling its market share, especially among home users. Microsoft’s browser little by little begins to stand up to Google Chrome and, although it is still light years away from surpassing it, it does position itself as the second web browser on both Windows and Linux, macOS, Android and iOS.