The new Movistar Plus+ channel is key if you want to watch LaLiga

La Liga on Movistar

Movistar’s alliance with DAZN will continue for another season. Both have distributed the broadcasting rights for LaLiga, so Movistar Plus+ will host the channels of the sports streaming platform and will also allow the creation of DAZN accounts to watch football away from home.

Precisely about this alliance is what the new Movistar Plus + channel is about that can be seen from now on.

The Movistar Plus+ tutorial channel

Precisely to find out how the distribution of channels and applications is going to work, the new Movistar Plus+ channel is dedicated, which is located before dial 51 corresponding to the channel «Ellas #Vamos por M+» under the name “How to watch football on DAZN”.

La Liga on Movistar

This new channel will only appear when Movistar’s television platform is accessed through a browser or on the mobile app, precisely where DAZN LaLiga cannot be seen natively.

For broadcasts on portable devices, Movistar customers receive credentials from the streaming platform and must download this application to watch the matches away from home, while the Movistar Plus+ LaLiga channels will be seen through the Movistar Plus+ app , in need of both applications so you don’t miss anything.

This new tutorial channel will not appear in the decoWell, there we will have dial 53 broadcast on the DAZN LaLiga channel.

How to watch football on DAZN

This new channel explains the two ways there are to create your DAZN account if you are already a Movistar Plus+ subscriber with a television package that includes the streaming platform among the contracted contents.

Movistar DAZN

To save you from watching the new channel, we can tell you that the first one is to access either from the Mi Movistar mobile applicationlog in with the Movistar username and password and click on the DAZN option to create your account and later be able to use that data to access the DAZN application.

My Movistar
My Movistar

The second way is to do from the deco UHDby accessing the application directly or by accessing dial 103. Once inside, you can directly create your DAZN account by filling in the data or scanning a QR code to finish the process from a mobile phone.