The price of this professional Sony camera drops €600 on Amazon

camera sony alpha 7 ii amazon

The Sony Alpha 7 II camera, available on Amazon, is one of the most popular among content creators because the quality of both its photos and the videos it is capable of recording is incredible. But even more impressive is the €600 discount you have here right now. Look!

Sony, that company that manufactures both televisions and photo and video cameras, has one of the most widespread cameras among youtubers and streamers thanks to the high quality of its video and compact size.

When looking for a camera that can be used both for taking quality photos and for recording videos, the most important thing is that it be as versatile as possible and that it doesn’t run out of memory or battery as soon as you turn it on.

Let’s see what this Sony Alpha 7 II has for you, if that is what you are looking for.

This is the Sony Alpha 7 II camera that you can buy on Amazon

It is not its color or its shape that has made this Sony Alpha 7 II the most popular in its category on all of Amazon, but its features, versatility and, above all, the quality of both its photographs and its videos.

The high-speed processing of its BIONZ X processor is capable of reproducing textures and details as seen by the human eye. In other words, the photos and videos you capture will be completely realistic.

As if that were not enough, the new RAW format (raw or gross, in its translation), which does not compress the captures more than 14 bits. This will allow you to have more format options to choose from so you can have a variety of amazing qualities and tonalities.

camera sony alpha 7 ii amazon

Say goodbye to camera shake. Thanks to the fact that it has an integrated 5-axis stabilizer that will allow you to zoom, photograph close-ups and capture night scenes with greater clarity.

This, added to the sophisticated AF system that it includes, offers a fast response and a wide coverage so that the subject of the video or photo always comes out well focused.

With this Sony Alpha 7 II you will be able to take solid and precise snapshots thanks to its AF/AE shooting at 5 fps, which will allow you to obtain sharp results and optimal exposure even for moving subjects.

Finally, the video quality is extremely high with minimal noise thanks to the high-speed XACV S format that captures in video mode.

Our opinion

A photo and video camera of this caliber, such as the Sony Alpha 7 II, will always be praised for its quality and precision when taking the different shots. However, now those compliments will be accentuated thanks to the €600 discount that you have right now on Amazon.

If you’ve been behind a high-quality camera for a long time but you’ve been waiting for the right moment for a while, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. ohclick here now and do not miss this opportunity!