The Qatar 2022 World Cup multiplies mobile scams

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And it is that as in other competitions, soccer is the perfect claim to deceive users who seek to watch the games for free or at the best possible price. As usual, along the way you have to face situations in which we can be deceived without realizing it, like the ones you are listing now. karspersky.

Ideal breeding ground for hacks

The cybersecurity experts They have already been able to warn that just started the World Cup there were already up to 170 malicious domains and pages on social media posing as legitimate sources of information, when they were not at all. The purpose of all these malicious places is basically to steal users’ data, so that they can later steal money from their accounts or obtain sensitive content with which to extort money from them. And as is becoming increasingly common, there is a preferred method of deception, and that is the phishing.

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It is the main technique used by cybercriminals, and now it is being exploited with apps and web pages that appear to be from the world cup. They promise us from watching the games for free, to real-time information about the games, but everything behind them is fraudulent. Normally users are asked to enter their credentials to be able to access this content, and the only thing that happens is that the data that we enter in the identification pages ends up on the hackers’ servers to be used later in our account. .

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There are even some of thiss cryptocurrency-based pages, which is undoubtedly the biggest claim among Internet users right now and the main hook to deceive them. To get at netizens’ cryptocurrency, hackers are tricking victims into investing cryptocurrency in NFTs related to the World Cup that are fake, or in special soccer-themed tokens. Here once again it is an excuse to get money from the victims in the form of cryptocurrency. The purpose of all this is that we enter the data of our wallet, which instead of receiving rewards, remains completely empty due to the work of hackers.

Android apps that also contribute to deception

From Karspersky they warn that the Android mobile users are the most vulnerable during these days of the World Cup in Qatar. So far in the competition, up to 50 cases of malware designed to install malicious software on our mobile phones have been discovered. A malware prepared to steal our personal data, such as our email account credentials, common access passwords or bank card numbers. According to cybersecurity experts, the average victim profile is that of a soccer fan who downloads sports apps for the first time, and is unaware that they may be fraudulent.

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The problem is that, as we have seen in recent years, there is no guarantee that the apps we download from the Play Store are free of malware. This is something that cannot be guaranteed and therefore there is always the risk that in the rush to find out the results of the matches or even with the hope of seeing them for free we download a malicious app. As usual, experts recommend applying common sense and not running when choosing the apps to install on our mobile, since it can cost us dearly.