The scams that will reach your mobile to deceive you at Christmas

The scams that will reach your mobile to deceive you at Christmas

And it is that to tell the truth, these will come to manifest themselves in our device in numerous ways, from the classic link that invites us to click in a very mysterious way, even a possible gift as a sign of the highest exponent of Christmas gratitude that is still another hoax.

the most typical

At Christmas the number of cases of fraud and phishing both by SMS and in our mail increases exponentially, so we have to use all five senses. Yes, it is true that when it comes to scams that reach, for example, Gmail, this manager usually notify us of the potential scambut so that you are aware we indicate all of them.

Lots of gifts and discounts

The most normal thing this Christmas is that we receive lots of gifts, discounts and many other ways that possible hackers have because obviously, if a gift is put in front of us, the most normal thing is that even for the slightest curiosity, let’s bite This usually comes disguised in the form of a newsletter or email, so the danger is there.

Special care must be taken with these types of offers, so really if we see that it comes from a strange sender or the discount or offer that we are receiving is excessivewe will not have to doubt that it may be a scam.

The scams that will reach your mobile to deceive you

NGOs need you

Appealing to the Christmas spirit and the kindness of people around these dates, another of the most common issues on these dates is scams disguised as NGOs and different charitable causes that will need you to give them your data or even money to help these causes.

Of course, this is absolutely false and you do not have to click on this type of email in any way, because what they really want is steal your money or information to use it fraudulently. In the case of wanting to donate, it is best that you go directly to the NGO itself.

Scam based on your age or location

Also during these dates scams can arrive that are directed towards us specifically; we mean that they are directly intended for us both by location and by age. Phishing links or ads based on our tastes or our position with the idea that we click much easier.

This is usually very dangerous, because being something close, we intend to press in a much easier way without actually seeing it as something dangerous. But despite this, before clicking we have to be very attentive to the sender or to the details of that message.

The news also scam

Scams are also up to date and in line with the times in order to believe that they are more real than ever and therefore make you bite the hook and fall into the trap. In this way, there are not a few people who, little by little and more and more accentuated, are falling for scams related to the purchase, sale and information related to cryptocurrencies.

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So much so, that this scam makes us put our data in a kind of cryptocurrency portfolio and, therefore, the information ends up in the hands of users who can extort us and force us to pay large sums of money.