The secret law that put King Carlos III in danger for a 1997 sex scandal

The secret law that put King Carlos III in danger for a 1997 sex scandal

The current and new King of the United Kingdom, Charles III, had a sexual adventure in 1997 that could harm him on his ascent to the throne, for which British law has called her as “The secret law”.

The news of this great problem jumped to the media of the United Kingdom on Wednesday, August 6, 1997, where the Archbishop of Canterbury threw the following dart:

“The archbishop George Carey yesterday abandoned his silence regarding the possibility that the Prince of Wales get married with Camila Parker-Bowles and raised a transcendental controversy in the United Kingdom by warning that a crisis would occur if said marriage were to take place. It was a clear way of saying to Prince Charles: you choose between Camila and the Crown”.

Carey was, in practice, the highest authority of the Anglican church English after the Queen isabel II, Defender of the Faith and Supreme Governor of said religious Institution.

Previously, many other clerics had spoken in a personal capacity about the possible marriage of the lovers, even being called a “sex scandal” for not being married.

The secret law that put King Carlos III in danger.webp

In fact, at that time hundreds of rumors were circulating about the opinion of the Archbishop of Canterbury. However, the prelate preferred to avoid official comments until he exploded at a press conference held in Australia.

“He was probably prompted to do so by the increasingly clear signs sent by the Carlos to British society in relation to the intention to marry a second time”, he told ABC.

Days after those statements, some British media charged and went all out against the then Prince Charles.

The hardest medium was the controversial newspaper ‘The Sun’, newspaper that has always been characterized by crudeness when talking about different topics. From where it was explained that the Archbishop of Canterbury had confessed that the relationship that the Prince of Wales had with Camila Parker-Bowles made him incapable of being the head of Anglicanism. Something that, in turn, prevented him from being a monarch and King of the United Kingdom.

The secret law that put King Carlos III in danger

The end of this extensive religious conflict, as well as the possible abdication of the Prince of Wales in favor of one of his offspring to avoid a possible schism with the Anglican Church, came in the year 2002. It was then that the elimination of this law by the ecclesiastical estates was confirmed. This is how the text recounted this new reform:

“The Great Synod of the Anglican Church lifted the ban on the marriage of divorced persons, thus paving the way for an eventual wedding between the Crown Prince Carlos Y Camilla Parker-Bowles. The Synod agreed after six years of debate to rescind the ban on church marriages for divorcees whose ‘ex-spouse was alive’. This ecclesiastical rule was one of the main obstacles to the eventful relationship between Prince Charles and the divorced Camilla culminating in a wedding after the tragic death of Diana, Princess of Wales, in 1997″.