The secret page of Amazon that hides all your personalized promotions

Amazon promotions page

amazon regularly offers its customers all kinds of promotions. In some cases, discount codes. In others, promotions that are activated if you meet a series of requirements or are one of the first to request a certain benefit.

There may have come a time when you don’t know Where have all those personalized promotions gone? that you have in your account, but don’t worry, they will all be together in one place.

A single page, all your promotions

amazon has available a hub where you can find all your personalized offers. Whether you are a Prime customer or not, all the promotions and free benefits that you can take advantage of will appear, both those that you have already requested, and others in which you will have to click on “Click here to activate the offer” to get the promotion code that you would later have to use in the shopping basket before completing your order.

Amazon promotions page

To find this page, you can use the URL as a shortcut, which will lead you to the hub that includes all these offers and that could well be a special section within the management section of your account and that could be found more easily.

Prime benefits you haven’t used

Amazon also has a secondary page where you can see all the benefits of your Prime subscription, as a reminder if you are not sure what else is there apart from free shipping or the Prime Video streaming platform. This can be accessed from the previous one, right where the last promotion you have available in this account ends.

From there, it will refer you to another website where you can see all the benefits of Prime that you may be letting go of your paid subscription. Remember that in addition to the two benefits mentioned above, you have a monthly subscription to a Twitch channel, add-ons for video games as part of Prime Gaming or Audible free for 3 months to access more than 90,000 audiobooks and podcasts.