the western zodiac

Normally when we hear about our horoscope it is said that this is the western one. Now normally this is related to location but it should be known that this is also the case because it is guided by the western zodiac.

Now if you don’t know what the western zodiac is, here I will tell you about it briefly.

what is the western zodiac

This zodiac is the traditional way, which several horoscopes around the world use, to track the constellations and thus be able to make predictions with their positions.

Now it should be known that normally in astronomy 13 to 14 constellations are handled. But in traditional astrology only 12 of these constellations are taken into account and in this way the 12 signs of the zodiac are obtained.

In order to have these signs in the western zodiac, what was done was to divide the space of these constellations in a similar way and thus the zodiacal conformation was obtained.

Western Zodiac Facts

Now to better understand this zodiac here are some relevant facts about it.

  • This zodiac has special dates which designate the regiment of each zodiac sign.
  • These dates begin with one of the equinoxes, which is spring.
  • In addition to this, it should be known that this zodiac is used mainly in America and on the European continent, especially in the western region.
  • Unlike this zodiac is the sidereal which divides the signs at the beginning of the alignment of the Sun with the first point of Aries.

Finally it should be known that for many the zodiac actually has 14 or 13 constellations instead of 12, but this varies depending on the interpretation.