These are the sensors that cannot be missing in your home to save on electricity

Temperature with home automation

Sensors to save light

We can take into account different tips to save electricity at home, but sometimes small changes can help a lot. The use of home automation sensors can be very useful to optimize consumption and, therefore, save on electricity bill each month. In addition, they will also give you some information to avoid problems, so they are interesting for security.


A clear example is the use of thermometers in a home in order to save on the electricity bill. This is especially important in the summer and winter months, when we need to maintain the temperature and we use air conditioning or heating. If we have temperature control, we can save and not waste energy.

A temperature sensor will always indicate the temperature in a place. We can use this information to turn the heating on or off, for example. In the event that the temperature drops below a marked level, we can automatically turn on the heating. We can also turn it off if it’s hotter.

The goal of this is to be able save light and not have the heating on if it is not necessary. We will not have to waste energy and we will have a more optimized home in this sense.

temperature with home automation


You can also count on lighting sensors in order to save on the electricity bill each month. These little devices can identify when sunlight is coming through the window. This will allow you to better manage the switching on or off of the bulbs, since they will only be activated when it is really necessary and thus be able to save on the bill.

In addition, we do not always have the same light at home. It is not the same at 12 noon as it is in the afternoon, near dusk. This also allows you to adjust the brightness of your smart bulbs and save electricity. We do not need to always have the bulbs at maximum.


In addition, there are the motion sensors and you will also be able to save light with them. They are very useful to place in some rooms, at the entrance to the house, in the corridor, etc. They are used to activate the bulbs when it detects movement, while it turns it off if it detects that there is no one in that room at that time.

This will also allow you to better manage the bulbs and now light. Prevents us from having the lights on longer than necessary. One more option to pay less on the bill each month and to be more efficient.

In short, as you can see, there are different home automation sensors that you can use at home to save on your electricity bill. Managing the heating and turning the light bulbs on or off is very useful to spend less each month.