These tricks that you did not know allow you to save light at home when you go to sleep

Home automation to maintain the temperature

What to do to spend less light at night

At night, while we sleep, we may be using more electricity than necessary. But in addition, you can also take advantage of those hours to perform certain tasks and use less electricity. Home automation in this case helps a lot and allows you to automate some things in your home and save on the night light bill.

Lower the temperature

The first thing you can do to use less light at night is to lower the temperature of the heating or any device you use to heat the house. To balance comfort and energy consumption, the temperature of 19-20 degrees is always set as the best during the day. But at night it is not necessary to have that temperature and you can regulate the thermostat so that it is a few degrees less or turn off everything directly if you have good insulation and you know that the temperature does not drop excessively.

You should know that simply by lowering the heating temperature by one degree you will be able to save on the bill. You don’t need to be in short sleeves at home and you can be comfortable without spending more electricity than necessary. You can also apply this advice if you use a gas boiler instead of an electric one.

Home automation to maintain the temperature

Take advantage of the cheapest daylight hours

Do you have a rate with hourly discrimination and at night is it cheaper? You can take advantage of it. Of course, it is not a plan to be at 3 in the morning putting the dishwasher or the washing machine manually. That’s where the home automation and it is something that you will be able to take advantage of to spend less on the electricity bill and take advantage of the night.

If you have a dishwasher, washing machine and other smart appliances, you can program them to start at a certain time at night and thus take advantage of the hours when electricity is cheaper. You can use home automation to program them and you don’t need to be awake. For example, you can program the washing machine to start a while before you get up and to be ready at one hour. The same goes for the dishwasher and other appliances that consume more.

You can use smart plugs to program devices easily:

schedule shutdowns

Another thing to do at night to save light is schedule device shutdown all types. Once again, home automation will help. You can program the television to turn off (also the Stand By), video players and anything you have plugged into the current. In this way you can avoid phantom consumption. You may even want to turn off the router at night. You can program it so that it does not work at certain times and thus also save a little more energy.

You should especially turn off those electrical appliances that may be consuming even if you do not use them and that you are not really going to need at night. A clear example is the microwave and the clock that is usually always on.