They confirm that BTS could face mandatory military service

They confirm that BTS could face mandatory military service

The ARMY has shown shock upon learning that the national army of South Korea seeks that the members of BTS comply with mandatory military service.

CONCERN IN THE ARMY! According to newly released reports, the South Korean military wants all BTS members as conscripts to fulfill their mandatory military service.

The population of the Asian country is very divided on whether they should receive exceptions. In a recent poll, about 61% of respondents supported exceptions for artists such as BTS, while in another, about 54% considered that members of bangtan they should do their mandatory military service like any other man.

Lee Ki Sik, commissioner of administration Military personnel of South Korea, told lawmakers last week that it is “desirable” that BTS members fulfill their duties to ensure justice in the military service that rife in the country, the reason for its eternal war with its northern neighbors, North Korea.

defense minister, Lee Jong-sup also made virtually identical comments about the popular group of kpop in a meeting of a parliamentary committee, so the possible position of the defense minister could have a considerable influence on the final decision taken.

To complete the panorama of the opinion of the country’s politicians, the Minister of Culture, Park Bo Gyoon, He said that his ministry could soon establish its position on the matter, promising to give answers before December.

And you, do you think that bts must fulfill the mandatory military service that governs in South Korea?