This 48” LG OLED TV now drops €400


When choosing a new Smart TV, there are different aspects that we must take into account such as its size or type of technology used on its screen. In this last section, the OLED panels They stand out for offering very deep blacks. If there is a brand that has firmly bet on it, it is LG. If we are looking for a 48-inch Smart TV, this offer that we found in MediaMarkt is just what we need.

Specifically we are talking about the LG OLED48C25LB, a model designed to show off in our living room thanks to an extraordinary design and an image quality that only OLED televisions can achieve. And best of all, it can now be ours with more than €400 discount.

If you are looking for a Smart TV to set up your own home theater, keep reading because this LG with an OLED panel will make us enjoy movies and even our favorite video games like never before.

A TV for you to enjoy your home

We are talking about a Smart TV that has an intelligent a9 Gen 5 processor with AI, compatible with 100% HDR, HDR Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos formats. This model will offer us the only pure black that makes the rest of the colors shine, thanks to its more than 33 million self-luminescent points. And it is that the LG OLED pixels light up independently without the backlight dimming its brightness. In this way, the dark areas are perfectly black, without the effect of light or halo, achieving unparalleled depth.


As an operating system it includes WebOS22, that stands out for being intuitive and safe, allowing us to create profiles per user and thus enjoy only the content that we choose. We will be able to have access to all kinds of applications and streaming content such as Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, etc. In addition, we can control all our smart devices, as well as the television without the need for a remote control. For this, it has compatibility with Apple Home Kit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

we are also before an ideal TV for gaming as it is compatible with NVIDIA G-sync, AMD Free sync and VRR (120 Hz). It also incorporates a low latency system of less than 12 ms through HDMI/ALLM. In terms of connectivity, it stands out for the inclusion of four HDMI 2.1 ports (compatible with [email protected]). Also noteworthy is the inclusion of Magic Remote control with wireless pointer and NFC that will allow us the best experience when scrolling through the different menus.

Save €410 when you buy this LG OLED TV

As we have seen, the LG OLED48C25LB is a spectacular television with which we will be able to enjoy our favorite movies and series in a Unmatched 48-inch OLED panelas well as being able to play with our next-generation console making the most of all its features.

LG OLED48C25LB measurements

This Smart TV has a recommended purchase price of €1,399, but today it can be ours at MediaMarkt for only €989which represents a discount of 29% for a total savings of €410. Also, we can benefit from €50 of additional reimbursement. Without a doubt, it is the best time to get a quality television at a very low price.