This is the top 5 electric cars that you can buy in 2022 in Spain

Tesla Model 3 electric car brands

As such, it is a niche that is on the way to ceasing to be so in a few years; a niche in which a certain American brand, such as Tesla, is erected almost from the beginning as an instigator of the current ‘green movement’, which continues to be a leader In our country.

As we will see below in these lines, there are all kinds and brands, and among them, if you look closely, you will see some like Airways, the Chinese brand by reference, and that has made its way into our top 5 particular electric cars that you can buy. The vast majority stand out for being cars with a wide autonomy towards simple battery recharges.

Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is still the most successful car Elon Musk’s signature. It went on sale in 2017 and quickly rocketed Tesla sales to new levels. For many potential buyers, it is the electric car they would like to drive every day… and the truth is that they lack a reason.

It is a model that has many strengths, including its autonomy, where it offers one of the best figures on the entire market. Specifically, in the Tesla Model 3 we can see that the Long Range version, also known as Great autonomy in Spain, homologates 602 kilometers in WLTP cycle. The range access version achieves 491 kilometers, and the Performance variant homologates 547 kilometers.

Beyond this, the interesting thing is inside. Tesla has increased the performance of its entire range, which translates into greater autonomy and a shorter acceleration time. This is an affordable electric vehicle, in effect, because it is one of the best we can go to on the market. Its price is around 45,000 euros, so, with public aid of up to 7,000 euros (in the case of scrapping a vehicle over seven years old), the final price of the popular electric saloon remains at 38,000 euros.

Tesla Model 3 electric car brands


Volkswagen, before launching the ID.3 on the market, promised that it would take care of offering an affordable electric vehicle. Ignoring its interior materials and some adjustments, the truth is that the ID.3 complies as a car compact 100% electric Zero emissions in terms of performance and price, being able to be a good alternative to the Volkswagen Golf if we really need an electric cigar in our lives.

As such, it was the first vehicle thought from the beginning to be the first electrified in the brand. We have it with several specifications: One is the one that offers 92 kW (126 CV) and is associated with a 45 kWh battery that gives about 330 km autonomy. Above we have the 108 kW (145 CV) engine, like the Pro finish and the top of the range, the Pro Performance, with up to 152 kW (204 CV) of power.

Thus, we find ourselves with a succulent offer of €22,398 that cause us to think directly about jumping into the compact segment and forgetting about smaller cars.

Fiat 500e

One of those who apply on the list with a fairly high quality-price is the Fiat 500e, the electrified version of the classic model of the Italian house. The same occurs with the access version of the most glamorous electric, which offers 70 kW (95 CV) and a autonomy of 180 kilometers.

In terms of charging, it supports fast charging of up to 85 kW in direct current thanks to which only 5 minutes are needed to have a range of 50 kilometers.

In a domestic conventional alternating current connector (schuko) the small Fiat can obtain about 15 kilometers of autonomy per hour. It has a price of 23,900 euros, which remain in the €16,900 with aid for the purchase of Plan Moves III.

Skoda Enyaq IV

The next one, also positioning itself very well among the best cars that we can buy, is the Skoda Enyaq, the first electric crossover from the Czech company. It is built on the modular platform for VW electric vehicles, the MEB, being a cousin of models like the aforementioned Volkswagen ID.3

With plenty of space and an attractive design, it has great autonomy: up to 412km with a single charge. At a general level, this Skoda is somewhat more daring than what the brand usually had us used to, with a more elaborate design that works well in general,

If you prefer Zero cars instead of an ECO, as Skoda also has, this Enyaq IV gives you a choice between versions with 134 kW (180 CV) and 152 kW (204 CV) of power, and batteries with 62 and 82 kWh capacity. which give it a range of 390 and up to 510 km respectively. Its price is €33,000.

Airways U5

Probably one of the more unknown brands, albeit a pretty good one. We are talking about the 100% electric Aiways U5 model, a Chinese firm that intends to compete with the Volkswagen ID.4 and the KIA e-Niro, for which it has 63 kWh batteries, whose main objective is to feed a single 150 kW (204 CV) and 310 Nm of maximum torque.

In addition, as it already does with its superior models (the A6), it has a front-wheel drive configuration that can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 7.5 seconds. For its part, the autonomy of this SUV between electric and hybrid is 410 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle. It has a price of €39,690of which you can go down to 32,000 euros with the Moves III Plan.

Aiways u5 electric cars buy