This is what will happen to you if you upload a file with a virus to the cloud

Hackers use the cloud to attack

Using the cloud we can say that it is something very common today. We have many services available, such as Dropbox or Google Drive. But as with any platform on the Internet, security is a fundamental factor. Sometimes we are not as protected as we think and we can have problems if we upload or download files. In this article we are going to talk about what can happen if we mistakenly upload a file with virus to the cloud.

Is it possible to upload a file to the cloud?

The truth is that yes, although it will depend on what service you are using. Most have a filter and have security measures. In fact, Google Drive can even act as an antivirus to some extent. However, not all cloud services on the network have protection of this type and they will not always be able to detect threats.

Therefore, technically we can say that it is possible and may even be frequent. upload infected files to the cloud if we don’t take action. And this can logically cause problems, both for ourselves and for anyone with whom we are going to share a certain document or file on the Internet.

First of all, you can affect ourselves. Think, for example, of a computer that you have with some type of malware and it has infected a file that you are going to upload to the cloud. Once you have uploaded it to whatever platform, you need to download it from another personal device. And of course, if it has a virus, you will be downloading that file that you have uploaded as it is, so you are going to infect the other computer.

The same can happen if you have uploaded a document to the cloud and you are going to share it with other users. Each person who downloads that file, as long as the cloud platform you use hasn’t deleted it, will download the virus and infect the other device just like yours.

Hackers use the cloud to attack

Tips to avoid uploading viruses

So what can we do to avoid uploading infected files to the cloud? We are going to give a series of tips to always maintain security and not have problems with other devices, nor affect third parties who may download those documents by mistake.

The first thing to keep in mind is the importance of having a good anti virus. If you have a guaranteed security program on your computer, even if you download a malicious file by mistake or a document is infected, that antivirus will detect it and will be able to eliminate it before it can infect third parties.

You also have the option of specifically parse that file that you are going up to the cloud. You can previously pass an antivirus in case you have doubts or as a simple precaution. In this way you will have more guarantees that what you are uploading to the cloud is safe and you will not have any problems.

Also, another tip is to use a guarantee cloud service. As we have mentioned, many have an integrated antivirus. This way it will be able to detect any threat in case you are uploading a file with a virus to the cloud.