This Razer laptop drops €700 for Black Friday, and it’s flying!

razer blade laptop

Razer is one of those firms that everyone who is dedicated to the world of video game known. Not only because it has some of the best peripherals around today, but also because of its laptops. The problem is that they are not cheapbut sometimes fall in price! Like this incredible Razer Blade 15, which has dropped €700 on the PcComponentes website.

It’s not a joke: the price drop has been €700! So, if you were thinking of getting a gaming laptop, this is just the one for you! Razer stands for qualitydurability and resistance, with which it is a safe bet.

If you are not sure if this laptop is made for you, keep reading. Because we are going to dismember each and every one of its specifications so that you can see if they fit you or not. Although we warn you: the offer you have right now is for the black fridayAnd it won’t last much longer. Also, there are few units!

Razer Blade 15 Advanced: you don’t need more!

Let’s start at the beginning, with the screen of this Razer laptop! It’s pretty big at 15.6 inches, so you’ll never have to strain your eyes to see everything in detail. It also has an FHD resolution and a refresh rate 360 Hz that will leave you speechless. You can tell it’s specifically designed for play with all the power possible!

razer blade laptop

hides inside a intel core i7 processor, capable of offering the highest level of performance at all times. As for RAM memory, this is 16 GB. And the storage will never give you problems, since we are talking about nothing more and nothing less than 1 TB SSD. There will be no game that you cannot store in it!

The Graphic card that he brings with him is from the series NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30. This is based on the famous Ampere, an architecture that brings a fluidity that you have never seen before in a laptop.

As it is designed so that you can connect all kinds of peripherals, it has a large number of ports. It not only has a Thunderbolt port, but also several USB ports and even an HDMI. In this way, it will be much easier for you to connect any extra monitor. For those games at home in which you want to give it your all, it is a great possibility without having to use a Hub.

Worth? At this price, yes!

Beyond all that we have already pointed out, we cannot leave behind the fact that it has a RGB keyboard with Razer Chroma technology. You can enjoy at any time a custom backlight that will make you customize each game in an incredible way.

If you want to get this Razer laptop at a unique price, in PcComponents they have just the opportunity you were waiting for. In this link you will find it for €700 less than its original price, although only for Limited time! Or while supplies last, whichever comes first. In addition, by buying it now you will enjoy Norton 360 Deluxe free for one year on up to three devices.