this Smart TV is a bargain

samsung smart tv 65

Do you want to renew the Smart TV in your home and are not satisfied with just any television? In that case, the model Samsung that we bring today will be able to conquer you from the first moment. Not only because it has a screen of 65 inches, but also for the incredible quality it offers. And because it costs almost €300 less!

PcComponents continues with its incredible offers on televisions, lowering prices to limits that seem almost unbelievable. The TV that we have selected today meets absolutely everything you could ask for in a high-end Smart TV. It is a model of this same year from Samsung, it has a powerful 65-inch LED screen and a processor that will leave you speechless.

it’s a tv that will serve you both to consume content and to play video games, because it is capable of offering fluidity in all tasks. And that is just its strong point: can with everything you askbecause it is of superior quality.

A Smart TV with everything you need and 25% off

As we have pointed out, it has a type screen leds 65 inches, a size above average. If you have space to put it in your house, this should not be a problem, but rather an advantage. Because it will be almost as if you could have a cinema in your house. We are talking about a Samsung Series 8 model, one of the most recent and, therefore, with the best processors.

In this particular case, you have a Crystal 4K Processor that will make you always enjoy the best image quality. It will automatically improve both images and sounds, so that the final result is always optimal. Also, it has Tizen as operating system. This is the brand’s own, and it will allow you to download practically any application you want.

samsung smart tv 65

The quality of the image will never be a problem for you, as we have pointed out. Not only because of the 4K resolution, but also because it has Contrast Enhancer with HDR10+. The level of depth, color and contrast that you will notice will leave you practically speechless. The scenes will be much more realistic, and you will be able to fully enjoy any type of series or movie. Even the ones with the darkest scenes! To this we must add that the sound it’s also powerful enough to make you feel inside the action.

Unquestionable quality for almost €300 less!

Don’t worry about him either. design of this incredible Smart TV, because it is taken care of down to the smallest detail. It has a design AirSlim that will make the television itself go unnoticed. The screen is ultra thin, it hardly has any frames and it has a adjustable base that will make it fit in any piece of furniture. In addition, you can also hang her if you so wish.

As for other interesting details, you should know that it is anti-glare and that it has a refresh rate of 50 Hz. Normally, you would have to pay up to €919 to be able to enjoy this television in your home. However, right now it can be yours for just €689. And believe us when we tell you that it is a real bargain.