this tv is insane!

this tv is insane!

The television we are going to talk about today is a craziness. And not only for the Specifications that it has, but for the low price at which you can get it. Panel QLEDAndroid TV 11, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos… For less than €550! And, in addition, with an impressive screen of 65 inches. No, you can’t miss it under any circumstances!

cecotec is a Spanish company that, little by little, was gaining positions in the technology market. It started with robot vacuum cleaners (yes, the very famous conga is his), and he has continued with devices of all kinds: vacuum cleaners, kitchen robots, household appliances… And even televisions! What we bring today the model VQU10065, is a clear example of why this firm has so many followers. Because combines price and quality in a way that is almost hard to believe.

It is not a small Smart TV, far from it. It has an amazing panel QLED 65 inches, with an unbeatable resolution. In addition, its design itself is also an eye-catcher. This is what is known as design. framelesseither no frames. Let’s not kid ourselves, some frame should always have, but this one is barely noticeable! If you want to know more about this incredible TV, keep reading because you will be amazed.

QLED, Android TV and incredible size

As always, one of the first parameters that we must review in a Smart TV is its panel. Because, after all, it is through this that we are going to enjoy the series or movies that we want to see. Not only the size, but also the panel type and the resolution. This TV has it all: it has a QLED panel, which is one of the best; They are nothing more and nothing less than 65 inches, and it has 4K resolution!

this tv is insane

Although we should not limit ourselves to reviewing these aspects, since there are others that are also interesting. For example, the technologies that the TV brings with it. In this case, you have a HDMI 2.1 port, essential if you want to play with any console and enjoy all the games to the fullest. Along with this, it should be noted that it has ALLM, with which the latency will adapt to the images that you are seeing at all times. And it is also compatible with HDR10. This will make the details appear much sharper, with more clarity.

Also, it has pure dimming, Pure Move and Pure Outline. These three technologies in combination allow you to enjoy unique shine, fluid movement and unparalleled definition.

Take the opportunity!

We cannot get past the fact that this TV has Android TV inside. This OS is one of the most complete in the field of televisions, since it allows access to an application store with up to 7,000 apps different. A real madness!

If you want to get this impressive Smart TV from cecotecrun for her! Because she will be able to be yours for just €549 thanks amazon. Plus, it comes with Prime shipping, and it even lets you schedule delivery.