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More and more users for personal or professional reasons enter the interesting world of application programming. In addition, contrary to what happened a few years ago when we had to access face-to-face classes, now we have all kinds of sources and content to train ourselves. It is more than likely that this tool in the form of code finder which we are going to talk about, you will love it.

When we talk about sources and types of content that we can use to learn programming, or improve our knowledge, most of them are on the internet. In this way and directly we can access courses, videos and all kinds of programming manuals. In addition, a good part of all this for free. Whether we are new users in this software sector or if we already have some experience, these contents and others will be of great help to us.

At the same time we have at our fingertips a multitude of tools and applications developed by third parties. They allow us to enter and improve in the world of programming. Likewise, on many occasions we opt to take a look at certain websites specialized in this type of task and that offer us an enormous amount of help. One of the best known in this programming industry and app developers is Stack Overflow. As many of you may already know, this is a website where we find many technical questions and answers. These belong to users from all over the globe and on many occasions they will be of enormous help to us.

But when looking for certain code fragments that help us in our projects, we are going to show you an even more interesting alternative in many cases.

Code finder to improve as a programmer

If we find ourselves fully involved in certain projects related to programming, on the internet we can find all kinds of code snippets. Then, we can use them as a learning base or to be part of our projects, as well as educational elements. For this type of task in particular, the advantages that in other cases we find in the popular Google, are not so great here.


Once we know all this, perhaps the best thing to do is to take a look at the search engine called YouCode. As you can imagine, this is a search engine especially focused on locating all kinds of content and pieces of code belonging to all kinds of programming languages. We just have to enter the corresponding search terms in the text box. We find it in its main interface to start the search as such.

It also deserves the knowledge that we can take advantage of all these advantages of YouCode both from the web version that we see here, and from the browser extensions available. In this way we can install this plugin in both Chrome and Edge. All this will allow us to access the content we need for our programming projects more quickly. |  Multi Engine Search |  Multi Engine Search

Another section that we must keep in mind for this code search engine is that we even find answers to the aforementioned StackOverflow website. Thanks to this interesting functionality we can do without it if we wish and focus on the use of this powerful search engine.