Tips for Keeping Your Partner Interested in You Based on Their Sign

All relationships end if not taken care of. Some require more time and involvement than others, but all of them, in general, need some degree of attention.

Today, we’ll give you the best tips to keep your partner interested in you.


You certainly know that the natives of the Taurus sign want to hide what they feel and their deep desires. They like to go unnoticed and are very introverted. If you want to continue to pique their interest, you have to interact with them and be there for them, because they’re not the ones running after you.


People of this sign are direct, which is why they will tell you what they have to tell you. This is something quite positive for you, because you will simply have to listen to them. Your partner doesn’t expect you to stop living for him or her. Relax and let your relationship take its natural course.


Cancerians usually hide their feelings at all costs. So, you should know that if this sign has a positive attitude towards you, if he gives you compliments or is caring, it means that he is interested. If you haven’t told him/her that you like him/her yet, now is the time to do so.


It’s not hard to tell if a Gemini is interested. He/she will change his attitude and treat you differently from others. But for things to work, he/she will have to sense that you are feeling the same way. However, be subtle: this sign is afraid to commit.


People of this sign are very caring, they will constantly try to surprise you. To keep their interest alive, you just need to be grateful, let them see that you appreciate their attentions, and show that you, too, are willing to give of yourself.


Although this sign is very egocentric, if he is interested in someone, he is able to do everything he can to satisfy him. To keep him interested, you’ll have to show him that he’s interested in you, too, and try to surprise him as much as he surprises you. Remember, he loves being the center of attention and will do anything to get yours.


People of this sign think they are Don Juans, but inside they are shy and insecure. Make them feel like you understand. If you’re really interested, you’ll have to learn how to play their game.


This sign will try to make you happy at all costs, but they’ll need you to tell them they’re doing it right. To keep his interest going, show him that you’re happy with what he’s giving you. If he feels confident and knows he’s on the right track, things work out better.


Aquarians are not very comfortable with feelings. So take it slow and stick to their pace. Even if you feel like they will never be ready, things will progress over time.


The natives of this sign will always be very intense and close to you. Their behavior might look like harassment but they have no bad intentions. To keep their full attention, you’ll just have to drag things out a bit. You can’t get rid of it anymore.


This sign has a personal control issue. He is emotional and sometimes his feelings turn against him. If he can’t control them and feels vulnerable, he’ll act like an idiot. If you are genuinely interested, be patient and supportive. Make him feel that everything is fine and help him regain his self-confidence.


For this sign, romantic ties are a kind of challenge, which is why they will preferably choose someone who will challenge them on an emotional and intellectual level. And he will never admit to being interested. It’s up to you to play the game, show your interest and seduce him.