Tunisia vacation: Attractions or Beaches, What to see?

Tunisia Beach

Tunisia is most often associated with magical beaches, great weather and relaxation, but this country has much more than that. Here you can visit, admire the architecture, spend time actively and discover the wonders of nature.

For example, the hot and endless desert of the Sahara or the remnants of ancient cultures await tourists here. In addition, many attractions in the resort such as Sousse, Hammamet and Monastir. Tunisia is a gem that can trigger the senses and surprise. It is worth going on vacation to Tunisia at least once in your life!

What’s worth seeing in Tunisia?

Tunisia has a lot of treasures in it. One of them is undoubtedly the amphitheater located in El Jem. There is a reason why it has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. El Jem is the largest Roman structure in North Africa and the third largest in the world in terms of its monumentality. The audience can be up to 30,000 people, and to this day you can go to various cultural events.

Tunisia El Jem
Tunisia El Jem

The famous Carthage ruins, which can be found near Tunis, are also an unusual corner. These ruins have been inscribed on the World Cultural Heritage List and are the remains of a remarkable city with a fascinating history full of twists and turns. Being here, you can feel and even see with your imagination how big Carthage is and how much is going on here.

Tunisia is also an enchanting mountain oasis. Both Tamerza and Chebika are mountains apart from the rest of the world, delighting in the views that unfold from their peaks and the nature that surrounds them. Here you can walk endlessly among palm trees, admire waterfalls and plunge into lakes in the color of the sky. They are the perfect place for deep relaxation and a dream getaway in nature.

An equally exciting holiday awaits in Tunisian cities. One of them is the charming Sidi Bou Said. This is an artistic district full of white houses with distinctive blue doors and shutters. In this city, you can rekindle your passion for art and creation, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of relaxation and beauty that prevails here. An interesting corner in Sidi Bou Said is undoubtedly the Cafe des Nattes, which dates back to the 16th century. It’s worth coming here, at least for a moment, to taste the coffee and feel the history of this place.

Another unusual city is Tataouine, famous for the fact that Star Wars was filmed here. They can be found in the Sahara desert. Also nearby is Matmata, an interesting village because it is carved out of large stones and there are still people living here like this. The scenery in this corner of the world is unforgettable, unheard of anywhere else. Here you can forget for a moment all your worries and relax while walking and admiring this place.

Tunisia, paradise beach

Many people associate Tunisia with paradise beaches. No wonder, because here you can find many unusual seaside corners, which are perfect for relaxing between the gentle waves and the sun. Some of the most beautiful beaches await visitors around Tabarka. This is a great place for a last minute getaway with kids, as the beach is very shallow and the beach is clean and wide. The vastness of the place, divine weather and beauty make it possible to relax and nourish your senses here.

Tunisia Beach

Beautiful beaches also await the tourists around the city of Monastir. This metropolis is situated on the central part of the east coast and seduces with its harbor and marina. The crystal clear waters provide endless charm, and the beach allows you to laze around all day. Holidays in Hammamet will be just as enjoyable. The resort is located between Sousse and Tunis. Interestingly, it is very hot here all the time so you can sunbathe here at any time of the year.

Tunisia is also an island. Paradise beaches await tourists, for example in Djerba, full of palm trees and turquoise water. The island enchants with its nature, allowing you to rest all year round. The beach here is wide and very clean, and the sand is golden and soft. What else is needed for happiness? Especially if the climate is favorable and there is no shortage of sunlight?

The Kerkennah Islands are equally charming. Here are 9 small islands that are happy with the peaceful atmosphere and ordinary life there. They are surrounded by tall palm trees and soft sandy beaches and clean water. Nature introduces you to silence and enjoying for what it is, and the atmosphere allows you to laze around and enjoy every moment.

Tunisia’s climate and when is the best time to vacation

Tunisia is under the influence of as many as four climate zones. The summers here are very hot and the winters are cool. Temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius can be expected here in April, and in the following months the temperature will be even higher. In the north of the country there is a subtropical climate, on the Mediterranean coast, and further south, the tropical, continental and very dry climate is noticeably more severe. Interestingly, there was snow in the mountains.

Last minute holidays to Tunisia can be chosen at any time of the year. The weather is great, especially from March to December. Holidays in Tunis can be planned almost every month, the least amount of sunshine can be expected in February. Hot springs await here from June to October.

Tunisia is a country of lovers of high temperatures and unusual places. It is also a mecca for sunbathing, diving and enjoying various water sports. Undoubtedly, everyone will find something for themselves. Especially if the priority is to rest and reconnect with the beauty and majesty of nature, and be inspired by local monuments and architecture.