Typical symptoms of infected tattoos

Suffer from a infection during the days that follow tattoo sessions may be more common than you think and in 90% of cases this infection will be due to your own stupidity.

Generally, these infections can be treated with proper aftercare and, if the infection persists and the doctor advises you, you may need to take antibiotics.

But, in the end, knowing the type d’infections that usually appear after getting a tattoo or piercing can help you stop it before it becomes a serious health hazard. For all these reasons, we invite you today to discover some typical symptoms of infected tattoos and piercings.

1. Inflammation

Any sign of dark pink or red coloring near the tattoo indicates inflammation. This is usually accompanied by itching on this area, which also indicates skin irritation. This may be normal, as long as its intensity does not increase and it stops 48 hours after the tattoo. Remember that cleaning the area of ​​inflammation every day, the number of times indicated, is essential for the inflammation to resolve properly.

2. Swelling

Swelling is also quite normal, but only for the first few days. Since the skin has been traumatized there will be swelling in the area but if this is excessive and begins to deform the tattoo this is not normal. If the swelling then spreads beyond this area and covers a few more inches, you are looking at a very clear sign that something is wrong.

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3. Fever

Fever is also a very clear sign that the body is suffering from something and that it is fighting it. If your temperature is high, you will need to call a doctor to prescribe an antibiotic to help you fight the infection immediately.

4. Severe pain

We all know that the tattoo area hurts. This pain depends on the characteristics of the tattoo itself, where it was done, the work involved and, of course, each person’s tolerance for pain. What is certain is that, whatever the pain, it must have diminished considerably over the following hours and practically disappeared 48 hours after the tattooing. If, on the contrary, the pain increases, it is very likely that there is an underlying infection.

5. Secretions

If you get to the point of having secretions, chances are the problem is more serious than you thought. Viscous, yellowish and even greenish secretions can come out of a infected wound.

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6. Bad smell

This characteristic is also a sign of problems. The fact that the wound gives off a bad odor is a very clear sign of the presence of a harmful bacteria which has taken possession of the skin. In some cases, it may be tiny bits of skin and even flesh that come off—but not completely yet.

7. Red stripes

The red streaks that form under the skin indicate the presence of traces of blood that should not be there. A consultation with the doctor is more than essential and must be done immediately, for example, by going to the emergency room.

All of these symptoms are easily preventable. You just have to make sure that you follow the necessary hygiene rules throughout the process, from the moment you leave the tattoo studio and during the months that follow.