We already know who will be the football commentator on Movistar LaLiga

Movistar Commentators

We are only a few weeks away from the start of LaLiga and, at the moment, there are still some things up in the air. It is true that we already know very interesting information such as, for example, what the schedules will be for the first league matchday of our competition. However, we do not know others such as who will form the LaLiga broadcast teams, although we now know that one of the most iconic voices will return along with the competition. We tell you more about it.

As we say, to date it is a mystery who will be the voices that give “life” to the broadcasts of LaLiga, since neither of the two platforms with the rights to the competition (Movistar and DAZN) have spoken about it. In the case of Movistar, things are somewhat different, as the agreement reached between the operator and LaLiga stipulated that It will be the latter that will choose the team of narrators, commentators, journalists on the field and in the box.

Carlos Martínez will continue commenting LaLiga

As reported by El Periódico, it seems that LaLiga has already decided and has renewed Carlos Martínez to be the main voice in the Movistar broadcasts. In this way, the career of one of the most iconic voices that the Spanish scene has given will be prolonged, and who has already been working on the platform’s broadcasts for several years.

Movistar Commentators

Movistar Commentators

This announcer, who will soon be 58 years old, will be in this way commenting on what will be one of the great matches on the first day of LaLiga. We are talking about the game that will see Real Madrid, champion of LaLiga and the Champions League, face Almería at the latter’s stadium. As stipulated by the television rights distributed until 2027, the match that will pit Barcelona against Rayo Vallecano will be reserved for the DAZN LaLiga channel, since no platform will broadcast the game of the two greats of our league on the same day (except 3 days over which Movistar has exclusive rights).

The information about Carlos Martínez stays there, since little or nothing is known about the rest of the broadcast team. Until last season, the team formed by Carlos Martínez also included other high-quality professionals such as Mónica Marchante, Julio Maldonado “Maldini”, Álvaro Benito and Ricardo Sierra on the pitch. LaLiga has not yet ruled on this issue, but this employer’s association seems determined to give LaLiga broadcasts a change of scenery.

El Periódico affirms that LaLiga has been thinking for some time about including in the Movistar broadcasts some of the professionals it has on its payroll to give them, as we say, a breath of fresh air to operator broadcasts. LaLiga has a large number of professionals such as Aintzane Encinas, Anair Lomba, Aritz Aduriz, Carles Puyol, César Sánchez, David Albelda, Fernando Hierro, Fernando Morientes, Guti, Gaizka Mendieta, Milinko Pantic, among others.

Despite LaLiga’s intention to renew the professional squad that Movistar had until last season, the truth is that there is still nothing definitive. In fact, LaLiga has not ruled out a scenario where all the commentators that were on Movistar until last season would repeat. To see what will happen we will still have to wait a little longer, but it is undoubtedly great news that Carlos Martínez returns to the Movistar broadcasts.