What are the measurements of a table tennis court?

According to the standards enacted by the ITT, the international organization that presides over this sport at a global level, the measurements of a table tennis table are: 2.74m in length, 1.5225m in width, 0.76m in height, net height: 15cm and table thickness: 90mm. The outer line should be 2 cm and the center line 0.3 cm.

Ping pong, also known as table tennis, is a very popular sport because it can be played in a relatively small space. Moreover, its learning curve is usually quite low, allowing the beginner to start playing without getting frustrated; although obviously, becoming a master requires years of training and discipline.

ITTF Measures Layout

The association which brings together and organizes ping-pong at the world level is the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation). It is responsible for regulating and standardizing the rules and measurements of the table. Its rules state that the regulatory measures of a ping-pong (or table tennis) court are:

– Length: 2.74m

– Width: 1.5225m

– Height: 0.76m

– Net height: 15 cm

– Thickness of the table: 90 mm (Minimum for an international competition)

– Outer line: 2 cm

– Centerline: 0.3cm

Other rules regarding the field (or table)

In addition to the measurements, there are other rules regarding the playing field. It is necessary that the playing surface, which can be made of any material, cause a uniform rebound of 23 cm when dropped on it , from a height of 30 cm, a regulation ball.

The color of the playground

In addition to what we have just mentioned, color is a variable that is also taken into account in order to guarantee that the game will take place under appropriate conditions for the competitors. The color of the terrain should be dark and matte (not shiny). It must have a white lateral line two cm wide and 2.74 m long for each edge. In addition, a white bottom line 2 cm wide must be drawn all along the two edges of 1.525 m.

The court will be divided exactly in the middle, thus creating two equal playing sides, by means of a vertical net parallel to the end lines and which will be continuous throughout the area of ​​each field of play.