What are the most jealous zodiac signs?

Your Zodiac sign says a lot about your personality: some signs are very possessive and others are suspicious. However, in a relationship, it is normal for some lovers to be a little suspicious of the other person from time to time.

This is where their more jealous side shows. So that you know what to expect, we offer a small ranking of the most jealous zodiac signs.

This classification will allow you to check, from the least suspicious to the most suspicious, the degree of jealousy that hides under each of the signs of the zodiac.

What position do you hold? Are you one of the most jealous signs? Check it out here:

12. Gemini

You Gemini aren’t very jealous, but that doesn’t stop you from having a little tantrum every now and then.

You want your freedom and your independence but also want this union with your partner to allow you to feel loved and give you better self-esteem.

Gemini, your intelligence is high and you are aware that you shouldn’t worry if your relationship is going well. But you also know that, even if you try to avoid it, you want to be in control and prevent your partner from betraying you.

11. Aquarius

Aquarius, you are one of the least jealous signs of the horoscope, as long as you are not given a reason to be.

You usually won’t waste your time on this stuff.

Of course, you definitely need someone by your side, but you don’t need to tie them to you, because you are the first person who doesn’t want obstacles or ties in your life. your life.

You need to be independent.

In addition, your common sense allows you to analyze many aspects of your relationship and you would never allow jealousy to spoil a relationship in which you feel good and that you really appreciate.

10. Libra

Libra, you are not excessively jealous but at the slightest stupidity too much, you explode. So you can have spectacular seizures.

If you feel jealousy, you know perfectly well that you will not lose the north, no: you will bury yourself in your shell and you will do it in silence. This will be your big secret.

You will stay like that for a little while and during this time you will be distant, hostile and cold, your face will show that something is wrong. Then the moment will come and you will explode: everything will come out into the open.

9. Capricorn

In the ranking of the most jealous signs, Capricorn occupies the position n°9.

Capricorn, you, jealousy, you keep it inside. We cannot say that you are one of the most jealous signs, but you are not the most zen either.

Just as you have a hard time letting someone into your heart, once they’re there, you don’t want them to go. This can sometimes get you in trouble and bring out your most possessive side.

Because you are sincere and you have already warned before starting, you have made things clear from the start: with you, we do not play and if, for one reason or another, your jealousy is really justified, you will not ‘t hesitate to act and your resentful side will come out in the open…

And that, nobody wants to see it… Isn’t it Capricorn?

8. Sagittarius

Sagittarius, you’re not jealous, but if someone stings you, you explode… that’s all.

Jealousy is not something that worries you too much, because you are aware that when you are with the right person, you are with them for a good reason: you are with them because there is love between you. If it wasn’t, you know perfectly well that you would have already left.

This does not prevent you from having a few attacks of jealousy sometimes where you are a little aggressive – it will be instantaneous and the result of an impulse but from there it will pass and you know it…

7. Leo

Leo, you seem like a jealous person, but you’re not as jealous as you seem.

For you, jealousy is both a reality… and not really.

Because you don’t call it being jealous, NO, you call it defending what is yours: as a good lion, you defend what you love.

But sometimes you flare up, you build some kind of paranoia in your head, you start imagining things that aren’t there, and you end up doing a whole scene that you later regret. Yes, but you do it anyway.

You are like that, Leo, impulsive and full of character but with a big heart.

6. Aries

Admit it, Aries, you’re a little jealous.

You are pure fire and passion often drives you out of control but… does it matter?

Well no, it doesn’t matter – and besides, you’re proud to be who you are.

Aries, you and I know that you like to be in control and know where your partner is, who he/she is with, and even what he/she is doing at the moment.

You distrust anything that comes near your lover and you can sometimes use your manipulative facet to solve this problem.

5. Virgo

You are usually jealous and wary of anything that might hurt your heart. But it is also certain that you have a little trouble recognizing it.

Virgo, you’re the type of person who has a bad habit of seeing, shutting up, putting up with, and eventually, exploding – and with good reason!

In other words, you let things flow and pass and then unpack everything on your heart and tell your partner your four truths.

Virgo, you have a knack for guessing and finding out… and if someone hurts you, they always end up paying for it. Not true?

4. Taurus

Taurus, for you what is yours is yours and let no one touch it! This is what happens in your romantic relationships.

Let no one try to take you away or take away the person who is by your side! Because even trying will cause you to react completely out of control…

Taurus, you are very clear and with you, the truth always comes first.

You are jealous and have no problem saying so. Someone who starts a relationship knows how you are from the start, so you won’t accept any nonsense.

3. Pisces

Pisces, with you, it’s much more than jealousy: it’s pure intuition.

You, nobody deceives you and when you have the intuition of it, you begin to boil, you explode, you burst and that can cause a universal deluge.

With you for the best but also for the worst…

Honestly, when your relationship works and you are given no reason to doubt, you are a real treasure, but if the situation is more troubled, you are not going to remain silent.

You are like that, Pisces, you are jealous when you are given reasons for being so and even more so when your intuition tells you that you have them…

2. Scorpio

Scorpio, to test your jealousy is to face the demon.

You are jealous: you, in your relationship, need stability, this stability that allows you to overcome your fears and your doubts. But when you see that a betrayal awaits you, you pull out your claws to show who is in charge here. And you won’t hesitate to attack.

Scorpio, admit it, you find it hard to trust and when you’re in love, you can have a big crisis for a simple stupidity… afterwards you regret it but it’s too late, it’s already done.

1. Cancer

Cancer, you are extremely jealous but this has a very simple explanation.

You, in a relationship, you give yourself 100%, you offer everything to the person you love and the minimum you ask is to be reciprocated. Because of this, when you detect that the other person might, or is just trying to flirt a bit, all alarms go off. And when we say all the alarms, we’re not exaggerating.

Cancer, between you and me, we know that you are hypersensitive, very emotional and that you will never allow anyone to use you, even for fun.

You will never let anyone play with you and that is why you will always be aware of all the details: nothing escapes you, among other things because your intuition helps you to control everything.

You don’t want to be depressed and you don’t want to find yourself in those emotional states again that are mentally destroying you. This is why you anticipate the situation and put your cards on the table.

Here, I’m in charge and what’s mine is mine.