What does the boar eat? All about his diet

The wild boar, whose scientific name is Sus Scrofa, would be the ancestor of today’s domestic pigs. It is considered one of the most harmful and invasive alien species in the world.

The wild boar adapts to any type of habitat in which it is found, as long as it has the minimum amount of food necessary, but it prefers environments where vegetation will be able to hide it and where it will be easy for it to find water, which he needs for drinking, bathing or rolling in the mud. Wild boars tolerate long, cold winters well, thanks to their thick coat and hard layer of skin, which allow them to stay quite high in the mountains without any problems.

Wild boar diet

Wild boars are animals cataloged as omnivores. However, the quantity of animals they consume is much less than the quantity of plants they ingest. Their diet is mainly composed of fruits, roots, seeds and vegetables but they also eat rhizomes, berries, branches, shoots, bark and, of course, leaves. At the animal level, their diet is based on small animals; mainly snakes, rodents, frogs, eggs, worms, fish, crabs and carrion left by other predators.

Their eating habits are very dependent on where they live, temperatures and weather changes. They use their hooves and long tusks to dig and find food located underground, such as roots and small animals living underground.