What is love at first sight?

Have you ever had the strange feeling that your sister was getting carried away when you saw someone – in a train station, for example? A magical moment when a sensation that is difficult to describe makes your head spin. Some people feel like they have butterflies in their stomachs. It is possible that you are facing a fleeting love.

And to say that the person in front of you is a complete stranger. This moment is called love at first sight or crush. The scientific community and academics are divided: is this phenomenon real or is it an illusion? Anyway, many people say they have felt this phenomenon, and even several times a day.

But what psychological mechanisms are hidden behind these romantic arrow shots?

What characterizes love at first sight?

Well, mainly and as its name suggests, the characteristic of love at first sight is that it is something lightning, instantaneous and strong: a love at first sight, a blow of an arrow in full heart.

When a friend introduces us to someone who immediately attracts us or we pass someone in a bus shelter and we have the instant feeling that we have to know them no matter what. It can also happen during a fleeting glance in a bar… love at first sight can happen at any time.

Although many people confuse the two things, love at first sight is not the same as platonic love. Both may have a few small points in common but the romantic idea of ​​Plato refers to a concept of perfect love, sometimes shared, which exceeds the limits of the flesh and entails enormous difficulties.

The idea of ​​platonic love can feel like love at first sight because it can seem especially complicated when two people who have just met end up consummating their passion.

However, Plato’s idea refers to an absolutely pure and selfless love, in which nothing material has weight and where the intellectual and moral facets are the basis of common feeling.

In other words, platonic love is not based on the simple attraction of one individual for another, but this love is centered on kindness and on something more spiritual.

Physical signs of love at first sight

It is common knowledge that when we have a crush, our body secretes a hormone called oxytocin, which makes us more sensitive, more compassionate and which puts us in an immediate state of exaltation of emotions.

Also, there are several clues and signals that can help you know if you’ve had a crush.

– Sweat. When you find yourself in the presence of the person in question, you feel your temperature rise, your hands sweat, you blush and a feeling of warmth invades you from the inside. This may result in you feeling a little less sure of yourself than usual or perhaps a little overwhelmed by the situation.

– Nervousness. It is possible that you are a little stuck when conversing, that the words do not come out of your mouth and that your conversation does not go as smoothly as in normal circumstances. You may find it difficult to form sentences and even say incoherent things. This can happen because you’re trying to impress the person you’re into, and you think too much about what you’re going to say, and the exact opposite happens.

– Rise in blood pressure. In addition to the two points already mentioned, another characteristic of the crush – or thunderbolt – is that the blood pressure soars. It can be compared to an adrenaline injection caused by being in the presence of someone you like terribly.

– If for some reason you have not been able to speak to him, when you arrive home, you will constantly think: what is the name of this woman or this man that I met? Why didn’t I have the courage to talk to him? Will I meet him/her again?

– After several days of redundant thoughts of this type, you will start to feel a bit “dumb”, because that crush might just be a simple attraction to someone you don’t even know, whereas genuine love is born when there is a connection with the other not just on a physical level, but also emotional. It is possible that you realize this obsession was not worth it.