What is the lucky number of air signs

Air signs are characterized by not stopping experiencing and expressing their emotions, problems or their will when necessary. They are quite successful in everything they do, very thoughtful and quite intelligent. They like to share with those around them and develop positively in social environments. Just as they have stones, gems and colors that bring them good luck, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius also have some numbers that can help them get ahead. The study of lucky numbers is known by the name of numerology, and it is one of the main methods that the signs of the Zodiac have to improve their lives.

what is numerology

Numerology is basically a science that studies the relationship between zodiacal signs and numbers, each number and its combinations have a series of special properties that can even reach improve the different areas of life. It is considered an esoteric science, and it is connected with the principles of numerology. Through alphabetical equivalence, each sign that exists in the Zodiac has an important numerical value that at the same time identifies them. These numbers are also responsible for representing an aspect in the life of each person and can have both negative and positive characteristics.

This interesting and ancient science works in a simple way and it does so by assigning a number to each letter that makes up the name of the zodiacal sign that is being studied and the next step is to add up all the letters that the name of the sign contains, thus get a specific number. In general, the result of this sum will give a digit made up of two figures which at the end must also be added. This figure is important because it is the lucky number of the sign and in addition, it also provides a number of important features.

What is the lucky number for Air signs

As mentioned before, there are some numbers that favor a certain sign depending on the star under which the person was born. For the air signs, their numbers are 7, 17 and 21. The number 7 is a digit that shows us that this sign is based on thought, spirituality and deep psychic analysis. It is a number that is directly related to the intellect that the sign possesses and at the same time with repression. With him, the sign becomes idealistic, so much so that sometimes it can move a little away from reality. It complements very well with the number 3, in case compatibility is sought and it also does so effectively with the 8, especially in aspects of business and love.

The number 17 for its part gives more value to the number 7, it shows us that the air signs are completely independent and also very creative, they are people who prefer above all to be outdoors and avoid living locked up in a room, this is the perfect number for the field of love. This number is also compatible with the number 2 and the number 5. Finally, another of the lucky numbers of these signs is 21, which makes the signs become more cooperative, more friendly and sociable with all those that surround them. It also has a great compatibility with the number 6 and 8. As for fortune, the air signs should think about 17, and it is important that they make several combinations if possible.