What is the stone of the earth signs

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are the 3 Earth signs of the Zodiac and are known for keeping their lives down to earth and down to earth. This element is characterized by being rooted, practical and stable, they are also very sensitive, stable and constant. They are usually associated with authenticity, productivity and intelligence, they are very good workers and faithful. His determination and dedication is intensified by his strong natural will to work hard and achieve great things. When it comes to love, earth signs They have a lot to give, but they don’t need much in return.

What are the zodiac stones

The gems or stones of the Zodiac are also known as astral stones. The word Astral is derived from Astrology and has been an important part of holistic beliefs for centuries. Astrology is not a science, but was originally created as a method of telling time. It is used to tell us when one time has passed and also to let us know when another is coming, acting as the calendar for the universe. Each of the stones has a different metaphysical meaning, and the stones are good for different purposes. Once you find the stone that best represents what you are looking for, you can turn it into an amulet by wearing it every day.

Las astrological precious stones that are based on signs can be very different from modern gemstones that are related to the month of birth located in the calendar. Our current calendar system was not known in ancient times and it was not until years ago that a more standardized version of gemstones was introduced. The choice of astrological or modern birthstone is a matter of belief and personal faith. Experts say that the best way to assign a stone is to find the one that speaks to you.

stone of earth signs

One of the stones that most influences the earth signs is the emerald, it has the ability to connect the sign with its most sentimental part, which on many occasions is very difficult to reach, and with which they have problems to be able to manifest. this stone takes care of increasing your feelings, love and gives you peace. He also has the ability to drive away his low passions, making him focus on what is important, on true love, and once she finds him, she keeps him focused. He gives him the ability to perceive the world as it is, and keeps him out of fights giving him peace of mind.

Amber gives them security, creativity, makes them focus on work and helps new ideas arise from them, it provides enough mental clarity to be able to resolve conflicts in a healthy way that they can come to present themselves in their lives while at the same time appeasing their feelings and spirits. Onyx is the stone that protects them from bad influences, fills them with divine wisdom so that they can positively take advantage of all the opportunities that come their way, makes them self-critical, renews them and allows them to reflect on life in general. .