What kind of books does Aquarius like to read?

Reading is entering other dimensions. When we read a book we live an adventure, a story, we acquire knowledge and improve our analytical skills. But when Aquarius reads he does it with the end of changing the world and apply new ideas in your kind life. Aquarius is a righteous sign and therefore is constantly updating its moral criteria.

They are interested in knowing where the evil is in order to detect the desired good. Therefore, their readings are a great influence that will shape their behavior towards the rest of society. when aquarius is immersed in a reading, he is hardly reading the works and writings that everyone opts for, that is why it is so difficult to give them a book. You were wondering what kind of books does Aquarius like to read? Here we will answer it!

Irreverent and progressive reading

Aquarius natives are people who enjoy good reading. However, for them to be captivated by a text, it must be in line with their thinking and political preferences. For this reason, among its options are those stories where transformation, progressivism and even the creation of new revolutions that promote the change of humanity are manifested. Thinking about this, we could consider “The Little Prince” as the favorite book of all good aquarius. His central character is a great human being who imparts reflection and justice in different worlds, while learning from the different visions that exist in each reality.

Aquarius is a being with a rebellious and innovative spirit, so conservative readings will not be to their liking. This is the kind of person who might spend some of their time reading transformative political theories, or researching environmentalism, veganism, and animal rights advocacy. All that instruct them to participate in projects or movements of change will be welcome for these boys and girls with a free and combative spirit. “1984” by George Orwell would be another excellent alternative to illustrate those long sleepless nights.

Readings that trigger action

Aquarius also knows that there are readings and information that can help him engage in a certain activity. They are lovers of useful reading, that which allows them to obtain intellectual tools for action. In this sense, the average Aquarian perhaps reject a good novel distracting, but will be able to grab a computer manual to learn new tricks. Everything that allows them to have new learning will interest them in a way, no matter how heavy the content may be.

Remember that Aquarius is a sign that speaks little but does a lot, because according to its philosophy of life, intention is useless if it does not become movement. Aquarius has historically been an agent of change, helping societies make the leap to progress. The innovative and transgressive writing styles fascinate them, as long as they are not so extreme. Aquarius is balanced and his way of reading confirms it.