Which country does Aruba belong to?

Aruba is an island that belongs to the Netherlands.

Aruba has a total area of ​​193 km² and its population is made up of approximately 110,000 inhabitants. The majority of this population descends from the Spaniards and the Dutch (who, in the past, occupied the island) but also from Arawak, the native people of this island. Currently, this island has inhabitants of more than 40 different nationalities.

Where is Aruba located?

Located in the Caribbean, Aruba is one of the islands of the Lesser Antilles, located northeast of Venezuela and south of the Caribbean Sea. It was part of the Netherlands Antilles but, since 1er January 1986, it is an autonomous country forming part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. To the east is Monkey Island and the Guarija peninsula and to the west is the autonomous Dutch country.

How many languages ​​are spoken in Aruba?

The vast majority of the population speaks more than four languages. However, the official languages ​​of the island are Dutch and Papiamento (a mixture of Spanish and Afro-Portuguese).

Aruba’s climate

The climate of the island is tropical. Its temperature is between 27° C and 32° C, with very slight temperature variations during the year.


Aruba’s economy is primarily based on tourism and related activities; the vast majority of the population dedicated to tourist exploitation. The Island has a large number of luxury hotels that attract many tourists when choosing a vacation destination.

What is the capital of Aruba?

The capital of the island of Aruba is Oranjestad (“the orange city”), located 25 km north of Venezuela. The city of Oranjestad was so named after the reign of William of Orange, the first Dutch king of the House of Orange.