Which lover are you according to your zodiac sign?

Thanks to the information given by horoscopes and astrology, it is possible for us to know different aspects of our personality, considering the sign under which we were born.

In this article, we will talk more specifically about your behavior as a lover according to the sign that corresponds to you. How do you define yourself in intimacy and passion? Read on and find out if you identify with the characteristics we discovered for each sign.

Aries lovers: they are clearly passionate, love to conquer, are very bold and brash. They are also enterprising and love fiery relationships that allow them to experience different sensations. Their relationships are often a bit problematic or turbulent. You already knew it: Aries are intense in every sense of the word and, of course, love is no exception to the rule…

Taurus lovers: they are very sexual, often even to excess. They are also sensual, love variety and trying new things. They love strong feelings but are also possessive. Let’s not forget to mention the sensitivity of their senses, which they seek to stimulate during sex to have more pleasure. Concrete and pragmatic, they will seek without too many detours the bodily sensations they desire.

Gemini lovers: they are the most curious of the zodiac. They have the characteristic of being those who are not afraid to take initiatives. They like variety, hence their tendency to be unfaithful. If you have a lover of this sign, you will surely try different positions, you will have to do research and apply different sexual practices, because only in this way will you be able to satisfy his desires. With Gemini, the perfect recipe is variety.

Cancer lovers: they are very sensitive and tender, but also imaginative and attentive. They are very fond of fantasizing and making those fantasies come true. They usually act excessively and deeply in the realm of feelings. They are faithful, but also capricious; do not like reproaches and enjoy enjoying sex in the privacy of the home. Cancerians will give you an impression of protection and affection, but beware… beneath this maternal appearance may be hiding a voracious lover.

Leo lovers: they are very attractive and moving. They like to focus on foreplay play to ignite all the passion they need to keep going. They are generous and attentive; they seek to satisfy their partner’s needs and this is why they are almost always dominant. The Leo will want to lead the game but will not forget your pleasure.

Virgo lovers: they are not the most emotional nor the most affectionate of the zodiac, but what stands out about them is that they are clear and attentive. They like to please their partner, although they are very perfectionist, critical and demanding. If you match their expectations, it’s likely that over time they’ll relax.

Libra lovers: they easily understand their partner but their character can also change very quickly. They like what is poetic, romantic, appreciate seduction and like to take the initiative. If you love someone under the Libra sign, immerse yourself in a romantic book and follow the script.

Scorpio lovers: they are undoubtedly the most tender lovers of the whole zodiac; they are very attentive towards their partner. They are fully dedicated to giving and receiving pleasure. They are also quite insatiable lovers. That’s why if you’re with them, you’ll have to be on the same level. They are generally controlling and like to use seduction. To all this is added a great and constant sensitivity and a little madness.

Sagittarius lovers: they are the most open that exist. We must also mention their search for freedom and their love for it. This is the reason why they are fiery and seductive. They are also very passionate and restless, can lack tact and do not always restrain their ardor. But you will hardly find more devoted lovers.

Capricorn lovers: they like to be in control and in command. But they are also conservative and reserved and do not easily show their emotions. They are a little wary, but if you can win their trust and affection, they let their inner fire out. Never stop believing in your Capricorn lover, he will always surprise you.

Aquarius lovers: they are innovative, exotic, and like to act strange. But they are not very romantic or sensitive. Emotions are not really their forte. This is the reason why they rather seduce with their irresistible personality and their intelligence. Note that they can sometimes be magnetic, in accordance with the characteristics that we have just mentioned, and that it is then difficult to resist them.

Pisces lovers: let’s finish with this sign, which is one of the most sensual. They are tender and emotional lovers. They are also romantic, have deep ways and devotion. Let’s not forget to mention that Pisces is a sensitive lover characterized by his great imagination and the fact of giving himself totally to his partner. He is very fond of sexual games and fulfilling his fantasies. Pisces will give you all of them and more.

As you can see, each sign has a very particular behavior as a lover. Keep researching and learning more about your sign’s profile: this information will allow you to discover hidden aspects of your personality that will make you a better lover.