Which princess best represents Leo?

Leo’s leadership is widely recognized by the rest of the signs that make up the zodiac. The fact that his element is fire and that he is directly influenced by the sun is not a mere coincidence, but on the contrary, it means that they like to be the center of attention wherever they visit, accompanied of course by their overwhelming personality.

They and they must always be feeding their ego, through the attention of their colleagues at work, inside their home with their family attending them or in a gathering of friends being the life of the party. Their innate charisma and desire to have fun at every moment makes them the stars of the day and night. Likewise, they prefer to be anywhere that is not their home, this space is destined to rest and change from a fabulous outfit to another more exuberant one.

The lionesses have their princess

Women who belong to this sign are the envy of many. In general, everyone bows to his good vibes and excellent humor. They like to be treated like a queen at every moment, taking center stage. Some even wonder who would be the princess who could identify this personality that although it is true she is not to everyone’s taste, she usually attracts very good attention. For this reason, and verifying a little the way of being of these fictional characters, we could first mention the beautiful Jasmine who, with the way she speaks and dresses, attracts the eyes of Aladdin.

Although his somewhat imperative character is shown in the plot, it is also possible to verify his generosity, patience and affection towards others. On the other hand, the exuberant Meg protagonist of Hercules is another great candidate to identify the women of the star Leo. Hercules felt so much love that being a God he was able to move heaven, earth and Olympus to have the love of this nice protagonist. Meg at first held back to Hercules’s charms, however in the end she relented to be happy by his side.

I read through the clouds

It should be noted that the two previous characters have a wide ability to solve their problems without mentioning the independence they have to act. This is precisely how lionesses behave in their territory. They will never wait for a man, they will act on their own without having to wait for anything or anyone. The will they possess is enviable, so they will complete any project they set out to do, no matter how long it takes them. Although it seems that these do not take things seriously, do not be fooled! Well, when you are just going, they have traveled that path more than a hundred times. The ego of the lions is part of their psyche, so take it easy and enjoy the company of a Leo, which we are sure will lead you to live an experience through the roof.