Which Statistic Indicates How Often A Click Has Led To A Conversion?

Which Statistic Indicates How Often A Click Has Led To A Conversion?


Which statistic indicates how often a click has led to a conversion?

  1. Clickthrough rate (CTR)
  2. Converted clicks
  3. Cost–per–conversion
  4. Conversion rate

Correct Answer:

  1. Conversion rate


The ratestatistical conversion indicates the number of clicks required to complete a conversion. Conversion metrics have been altered so that only ad clicks may be converted. A conversion occurs when a user completes a desired activity (which is monitored) on your website. This might be purchasing a product, downloading a file, visiting a link, or doing any other requested action.

Conversions are typically tied to income, either directly or indirectly. The conversion rate is an important statistic that indicates how frequently a click results in a convert. It reflects conversions in relation to ad clicks. As a result, the Conversion rate reflects how frequently a click results in a conversion. Conversion metrics are modified to represent only ad clicks that may have resulted in conversions. Conversion is an activity identified as important to your business in Google Ads, such as a shopping online, call, subscription, or anything else.

Conversions are also one of the primary indicators of whether or not your campaign was effective. Especially if your goal is to have a direct influence rather than, say, raise brand recognition. While the quantity of conversions is essential, it doesn’t tell you anything. The conversion rate should be calculated to analyze your adverts and their influence on your brand.


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