Who is Bruce Wayne’s mother?

What is Batman’s mother’s maiden name?

Martha Wayne (A mother de Bruce Wayne)

Who is the Joker’s father?

Even with the promise to stray far from the DC comics mythology, joker (directed by Todd Phillips) surprised fans when he suggested that Arthur Fleck/joker (Joaquin Phoenix) could be the son of Thomas Wayne (the pai of Bruce Wayne/Batman).

Who is the killer of Bruce Wayne’s parents?

Joe Chill
Bruce went to the mansion Wayne where he had a happy and healthy life until he was eight years old, when his pais were killed by Joe Chill, a common thief, on their way home from watching a movie at the cinema.

What is the name of Clark Kent’s mother?

Martha Kent
Lara Lor-Van

Who is Batman’s daughter?

Helena Wayne
Batman and Catwoman are one of the most complicated couples in comics, but in Tom King’s new story, the pair understand each other enough to create a daughter: Helena Wayne.

What is the hunter’s name?

Name True: Helena Rosa Bertinelli. Occupation: Former English Teacher. Base of operations: Gotham City. Affiliations: Birds of Prey.

Whose son is the Joker?

One of the great “revelations” of the film is that Arthur Fleck is son by Thomas Wayne. Penny, the villain’s mother, worked at the billionaire’s mansion and ensures that this is true. However, throughout the film, the joker discovers that his mother was hospitalized for mental problems.

Who is Arthur Fleck’s father?

This is one of the main causes that transform Arthur in Killer Joker. According to the mother of Arthur, Penny, she had an affair with Thomas when she was his employee 30 years ago. AND Arthur is your illegitimate child.

Was it the joker that killed Batman’s father?

Jack Napier
In the film directed by Tim Burton in 1989, fans discover that a young man jokerwhose name is Jack Napier, he was responsible for taking the lives of Thomas and Martha Wayne – directly contributing to the emergence of the Batman in that universe.

Who killed Martha and Bruce Wayne?

Joe Chill
DC Comics character Joe Chill is a criminal who one night us in cold blood a wealthy philanthropist doctor and his wife, the couple Thomas e Martha Wayne in front of the couple’s son (the boy Bruce Wayne) in an alley that, due to this fact, became known as “Crime Alley”.

Who is Superman’s mother?

Martha Kent
Lara Lor-Van

Who are Superman’s parents?

Martha KentLara Lor-Van

How many children does Batman have?

Age47 years
FamilyThomas and Martha Wayne † (parents) Alfred Pennyworth (guardian) Bette Kane, Kate Kane and Grant Wilson (maternal cousins) Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake and Cassandra Cain (sons foster) Selina Kyle (wife) Damian Wayne and Helena Wayne (sons biological)
AffiliationsJustice League

Who killed the hunter’s parents?

Stefano Mandragora was a powerful crime boss who murdered the pais by Helena Bertinelli.