Who is Titania, the villain that we will see in the She-Hulk series

Titania She-Hulk.

Although Disney + is focused on finishing Ms Marvel throughout this month of July, many fans have already set their sights a little further, specifically from August 17 when The new Marvel series with She-Hulk as the protagonist will arrive on the platform. You know, a curious hero lawyer who this time will show us her hectic agenda beyond the courts, where she will have to face a villain who is also an old woman. known hers.

Like water and oil

The fact is that practically since data began to arrive about the series, many took for granted that the supervillain of the story would be an old friend of She-Hulk since her time in the comics, something that the predictions have nailed because, effectively, in the end, Titania will be the antagonist who will try to finish off the lawyer during the nine episodes that the fiction consists of.

In addition, not only have we learned that Titania will be the villain of the series, but that will be responsible for interpreting the role Jameela Jamil, a 36-year-old British actress who is also known for hosting TV spots, modeling, and writing. So yes, it seems that the only thing she needed to fulfill in this life was to put on the purple suit of Titania to make life impossible for the famous lawyer Hulka.

Now, if we look back, we see that the bad relationship between She-Hulk and Titania comes from afar since in the Marvel comics themselves the fate of the two protagonists is sealed, which, in short, cannot even be seen.

Who is Titania?

Titania is the name of a supervillain in the Marvel comics universe. which first appeared in July 1984, in the third installment of the series Secret Wars. Inside of the lore from that universe, Mary MacPherran is the wife of the man known as Absorbing Man and practically from the beginning she became the deadly enemy of the Hulk’s cousin, also becoming a member of some groups of enemies as well known as The Terrible 4 or the Masters of Evil.

Titania She-Hulk.

Titania’s body suffered the impact of the radiation, which altered his cellular structure and caused him to gain enormous strength that moves to combat in a violent way. So yeah, his main superpower is that unleashed force that he can provoke and that puts him on par with some superheroes like the Thing and of course She-Hulk.

That reaction to radiation also gave his muscles a zero capacity for fatigue and an almost supernatural resistance, which prevents her from suffering injuries, stopping the impact of bullets against her body and coexisting as if nothing had happened with extreme temperatures and, of course, not flinching when she falls from enormous heights… which makes it easier for her to move around the city. city ​​dodging the buildings almost like the Hulk does.

So now you know evil already has a face when Disney+ premieres its new series in just a month. Titania!